The Best Sol de Janeiro Perfume Mists, Ranked

The Best Sol de Janeiro Perfume Mists, Ranked

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If you’ve been in a Sephora anytime in the last few years, you’ve undoubtedly seen the Sol de Janeiro perfume mists in their candy-colored bottles. Though Sol de Janeiro first became popular because of their Bum Bum Cream, it was the scent of that first product that really blew me (and many others) away.


Sol de Janeiro scents have become pretty well-known on their own, though they’ve also released body creams, body washes, and more to go with each scent which is perfect if there’s one scent you love. Their scents are known for their gourmand profile—syrupy, nutty, buttery goodness that is half perfume, half pastry.


So if you’re curious to know more about each perfume mist, I’ll tell you what they smell like and give my best approximation of the wear time as well.


Sol de Janeiro Hair and Body Mists vs. Eau de Parfum

Sol de Janeiro also has an eau de perfume called SOL Cheirosa ’62. It has the same scent as the Cheirosa ’62 and the Bum Bum Cream, and it was recently reformulated to be longer-lasting. The difference between perfume and a mist is the concentration of perfume, with the perfume having a greater concentration which would make it smell stronger and last longer than the mist. You’d have to reapply the hair and body mist more than the perfume, but the mist also comes in a larger bottle and is much cheaper.


Hair mists like the Sol de Janeiro hair and body mists often have ingredients which make it better for your hair and body and add moisture to counteract the drying effects of alcohol. In this case, the ingredient list doesn’t list any major ingredients which make this mist better for your body or hair (although they aren’t required to list EVERY ingredient used.)


The Sol de Janeiro Perfume Mists, Ranked

cheirosa 39

8. Cheirosa ’39 Coco Cabana: Coconut Cream + Toasted Praline [Discontinued]

TOP: coconut cream

MID: warm vanilla, tropical orchid

DRY: creamy sandalwood, toasted praline

Cheirosa ’39 is inspired by Carmen Miranda, a Brazilian actress from Hollywood’s golden age and it definitely has the strong aroma that was more popular in perfumes decades ago. This one smells strongly of coconut cream, but a real toasted coconut cream as opposed to a more synthetic version of coconut, as well as a lot of nuttiness. I find this one too overpowering and it’s the only one I don’t own.

Lasting Time: 2 hours

*Lasting time indicates how long it lasts until it begins to fade on my skin and when I would want to reapply.


sol de janeiro 71

7. Cheirosa ’71: Caramelized Vanilla + Toasted Macadamia Nut

TOP: Caramelized Vanilla, Sea Salt

MID: Toasted Macadamia Nut, White Chocolate

DRY: Tonka Bean, Coconut Blossom

Cheirosa ’71 smells just as it’s described in the name and whether that’s a good or a bad thing will be a matter of preference. It smells just like vanilla macadamia cookies to me, or sometimes buttery popcorn. It’s a warm scent that reminds me of sitting in a movie theater with a bowl of popcorn in my lap. I don’t love the smell as a body mist though as it smells too much like food for me. 

Lasting Time: 2.5 hours


sol de janeiro perfume

6. Cheirosa ’40 Bom Dia Bright: Black Amber Plum + Vanilla Woods

TOP: Black Amber Plum, Crème de Cassis

MID: Jasmine Blooms, Brazilian Orchid

DRY: Vanilla Woods, Warm Musk

Cheirosa ’40 is more autumnal than the others which almost all read as summer to me. It’s also a little bit hard to smell upon first spraying. It has a unique scent of sweet plum and with a little bit of vanilla. That dominant plum note plus the overall cosy autumn vibe makes me think the bottle should be purple or maybe a darker red. It really warms up on me and after a few minutes it smells amazing. All in all, not my favorite and difficult to smell at first, but it’s nice when I want to change things up and smell unique!

Lasting Time: 3 hours

sol de janeiro perfume

5. Cheirosa ’62: Pistachio + Salted Caramel

TOP: Pistachio, Almond

MID: Heliotrope, Jasmine Petals

DRY: Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Sandalwood

Cheirosa ’62 is the OG scent that is in their famous Bum Bum Cream and it’s also the same scent as the Sol de Janeiro Eau de Perfume. This scent definitely carries and it’s hard to name a scent that gives off stronger Brazilian beach vibes. She’s intoxicating, she’s polarizing, and if vanilla and caramel don’t do it for you then you should run the other way. This is such a gorgeous and iconic scent and if you’ve never smelled it before, once you finally do it will be hard to forget what it smells like!

Lasting Time: 2 hours


sol de janeiro perfume 68

4. Cheirosa ’68 Beija Flor: Brazilian Jasmine + Pink Dragonfruit

TOP: Pink Dragonfruit, Lychee Essence

MID: Brazilian Jasmine, Ocean Air, Hibiscus

DRY: Sheer Vanilla, Sun Musk

Cheirosa ’68 is known for its similarities to Maison Francis Kurkdijan’s Baccarat Rouge 540 and Ariana Grande’s Cloud perfume, but it has some differences that make this it’s own scent. It has a fruity zest, maybe from the dragonfruit, which makes this one a bit more tropical than the others. It still has that candy-like 

Lasting Time: 3 hours


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sol de janeiro ulta

3. Sol de Janeiro x Anitta: Passionfruit Nectar + Pink Patchouli [No Longer Available :'( ]

fresh passionfruit nectar, spicy pink patchouli, sweet jasmine honey, warm vanilla, and tiger orchid in full bloom

I normally can’t get with a scent that’s described as “fruity” but this one is a tropical, beachy, sultry passionfruit heaven. It’s perhaps the least gourmand of the Sol de Janeiro mists but it still reminds me of a vacation. It works for night and day and instantly makes me feel like I’m on a beach somewhere I’ve never been. This perfume mist is limited edition so I’d run out and get it before it’s gone forever!

Lasting Time: 2 hours


2. Sol de Janeiro '59:  Sugared Violet, Vanilla Orchid, and Sandalwood

Top: Velvet Plum, Sugared Violet​
Mid: Vanilla Orchid​, Whipped Amber​
Dry: Sheer Sandalwood, Fresh Vetiver

I'm a sucker for violet and the fresh floral scent it gives this fragrance. But while it's a little more floral than most other Sol de Janeiro scents, it has a hint of sugar which really makes this unique in my collection. It still smells deep and rich with the beachy sandalwood and plummy amber and vetiver which I think gives it that classic Sol de Janeiro glam-on-the-beach vibe. It's such an interesting scent that makes me feel interesting while wearing it. 

Lasting Time: 2 hours

sol de janeiro rio radiance

1. Rio Radiance: Solar Tuberose + Leite de Coco

TOP: Leite de Coco, Warm Sand

MID: Solar Tuberose, Ylang Ylang

DRY: Creamy Vanilla, Amber Essence

Sol de Janeiro’s latest release is my favorite (for now!) It’s a re-release of their limited edition mist Tan Lines from Summer 2022 so don’t waste your money if you already have that one. This one has a sunscreen smell that has very unapologetic classic summer vibes, with but with a vanilla creaminess that gives it a slightly more gourmand edge. I also detect some of the white florals which gives it a bit more freshness. For me, it smells familiar like summer-y sunscreen-y body sprays I’ve had in the past, but this one has the right amount of added sweetness to make it different and addictive.

Lasting Time: 2.5 hours


Hair Quiz

I can’t wait for more perfume mists from Sol de Janeiro! Which one’s your favorite?

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