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6 Best Red Hair Glosses

Some of the reasons why you might use a red hair gloss include: Enhancing the color: If you already have beautiful red tones in your hair, a red hair gloss can be used to enhance your...

Does Hair Gloss Get Rid Of Frizz?

I love hair gloss for the super shiny finish it gives hair. It’s an amazing product that works for all hair types to make hair look healthier, and gives it a gorgeous and vibrant color...

4 ColorWow Dreamcoat Dupes for a Sleek Blowout (Tried and Tested!)

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How to Get Glass Hair, Step by Step (and the Best Serums for Glass Hair Shine)

Glass hair followed behind the K-beauty glass skin trend to become one of the most popular hair trends of the past few years. Recently it’s also been termed “liquid hair” and the term “liquid brunette” has been trending as a way to get a Hailey Bieber-esque combination of shiny hair and layered highlights.


The Best Products for Glass Hair (Use These Products for the Glossiest Hair Ever)

Glass hair, or liquid hair, as it’s now being called, is super high shine hair, or hair that’s so shiny you can practically see your own reflection in it. Shine is a major sign of healthy hair, but shiny hair also tends to look polished, put together, and like you had your green juice that morning (Looking like I drink green juice was a major #thatgirl goal of mine in 2022.)