Is Perfume Bad for your Hair? (And What to Use Instead to Smell AMAZING)

Is Perfume Bad for your Hair? (And What to Use Instead to Smell AMAZING)

Hair is a great way to wear perfume, but is perfume bad for your hair? The last thing you want to do when applying fragrance into your strands is to damage your hairstyle or leave it dry and frizzy. But as a perfume-lover myself, this is how I wear fragrance in my hair.


We'll cover why you might want to think twice about how perfume damages hair, why hair perfume is a great alternative, and what the best hair perfumes are. After reading this article you will have the best-smelling hair on the block, (and the healthiest hair too.)


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Is Perfume Bad for Hair?

Since it’s not specially formulated for your hair, perfume can dry out your hair. This is largely due to the high alcohol content of perfumes (which in an eau de toilette can be between 85%-95%.)


So while I wouldn’t say perfume is BAD for your hair, hair perfumes are certainly better. Hair perfumes also often have a subtler scent. Since it will be sticking around longer, you don’t want to to overdo it.


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Beyond these improvements, hair perfume is often better for your hair generally. They are made up of ingredients that are meant to condition your strands, which in turn can add shine, tackle frizz, and leave hair softer.


Why You Should Be Using Hair Perfume

Fragrance has long been popular in the beauty world as a mode of self-expression, but the latest fragrance boom is about something else: self-care.


Scent plays a major role in alleviating stress, providing focus and promoting positivity so it's no wonder that these days, scent is everywhere, from candles to laundry detergent. So it’s no surprise hair perfume is having something of a revival!


But hair isn’t just any old way to wear a scent. Since hair is porous, fragrance stays around longer. It’s also intimate—your hair’s fragrance isn’t likely to make a loud statement or scare off your coworkers. And who doesn’t love to get a lovely whiff every time you flip your hair?


So…long-lasting, subtle, and mood-boosting…we’re convinced. 


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How to Spray Hair Perfume

In truth, it’s hard to go wrong with hair perfume, but there are a couple things in mind to make sure your hair stays smelling great all day long. It’s best to apply on clean hair since greasy hair won’t hold the scent as long. It’s also best to apply after you’ve styled your hair as a finishing touch. 


Make sure to hold the hair perfume 8-10 inches away as your spray it. Spraying on wet hair won’t allow your hair to absorb the fragrance as the water prevents the strands from latching onto the scent molecules, so wait until your hair is completely dry.


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If you want a truly longest-lasting result, flip your hair upside down and spraying the roots of your hair, above the nape of your neck, and then flip your hair back over and spray a couple of times directly on your hair. With your fingers, gently run your fingers through as the scent particles will spread throughout your strands.


Perfume Hair Hack: Layering Fragrances

For a truly intoxicating result, consider layering your hair fragrance either with another hair perfume or with scents from your body lotion, body wash, or regular perfume on your body. If you use the same scent in different forms, say a body lotion, body wash, and hair perfume, all in the sam scent, you’ll be increasing the longevity of that scent.


However, if you use different scents, this creates a custom fragrance that is all your own. Mix and match different fragrances to express your mood or your style that day. Play around with different combinations until you find some you like. Keep in mind that if the scents have some of the same notes, there is a better chance of them going well together than two fragrances that are completely different.


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7 Best Hair Perfumes and Mists

Perfume is so personal, but here are some favorites that are true crowd pleasers with nourishing hair ingredients and fantastic aromas.


Sol de Janeiro Sol Cheirosa Perfume Mist, $20-35

These body mists have exploded in popularity in the last few years and it’s no secret why. They each have a signature gourmand air to them with a summery twist. For only $20 for the mini version, these are worth giving a try!


Gisou Honey Infused Hair Perfume, $83

Gisou's signature scent is a lovely floral scent that will leave you feeling refreshed every time you smell it. 


Oribe Cote D'Azur Hair Refresher, $26

If you’re obsessed with the fragrance in your favorite hair product, check if the brand has come out with a hair perfume of their own! Oribe’s hair refresher has the same elegant scent you’re used to from Oribe products, anti comes with UV protection!


Pacifica Island Vanilla Hair and Body Mist, $12

Pacifica has a hair and body mist for every mood, from playful to relaxing, so it’s only a matter of finding the right one (or two, or three!) These tend to be more simple, which makes Tham optimal for layering, either with each other or with other fragrances in your arsenal. 


Baccarat Rouge 540 Scented Hair Mist, $85

Yes, your favorite perfume has a hair perfume version, and it’s a lot cheaper! Floral, woody, and amber—this is a delicate fragrance that still makes a statement while also adding shine to your hair and protecting your hair from harsh outdoor conditions.


Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Hair Mist Spray, $65

There's nothing more elegant or timeless than a Chanel fragrance. With notes of orange, patchouli, and Turkish rose, this is a delicate and modern scent that supposedly recalls a young Coco Chanel.


R+CO Relative Paradise Fragrance Spray, $29

Smelling like you’ve just stepped out a shower at a fancy resort, this fragrance spray from R+Co will leave you feeling alert and refreshed every time you smell it. The Sicilian lemon, tangerine, and eucalyptus will leave you feeling fresh all day.


This post was all about how perfume is bad for your hair and the best hair perfumes.


Do you wear hair perfume? If so, how do you wear it and which ones are your favorites?



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