9 Best Jumbo Claw Clips for Thick or Long Hair

9 Best Jumbo Claw Clips for Thick or Long Hair

Whether you’re a busy mom, busy student, or even if you’re just trying to roll out of bed to make it to that zoom meeting in time, you’ve probably used a jumbo claw clip when you’re out of time to do your hair. As they say, trends come back around and in this case the 90s staple have come back.


While the jumbo claw clips of today come in lots of unique prints and stylish designs, the long ands thick-haired among us can still have trouble finding one large enough to hold all of that hair without having to readjust again and again throughout the day. Over the past several months I’ve bought more than my share to try to find some of the best for a quick updo that you can set and forget.


In this article I’ll list the 9 best jumbo claw clips.


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The Benefits of Using a Jumbo Claw Clip vs. Hair Ties 

Before I list the best jumbo claw clips, there are some benefits of claw clips you should know over hair ties. Using claw clips results in less breakage than using hair ties because they don’t pull at your hair. The broadly spaced teeth of the hair claw keep the hair in place rather than requiring hair to be pulled back. This makes claw clips great for thinning hair and for those suffering from hair loss.


Claw clips also don’t create those dents in your hair that you’re used to from an elastic-held ponytail, which means they’re also good for maintaining a hairstyle.


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Beyond this, claw clips make a stylish statement of their own, and can add fullness to a ponytail. There are lots of hairstyles you can make with a claw clip from a sleek “clean girl” bun, to a Barbie ponytail, to loosely clasped half-up half-down waves.


So which jumbo claw clips are the best for those with lots and lots of hair?


9 Best Jumbo Claw Clips (300)

Kitsch Jumbo Claw Clips

These Jumbo Claw Clips from Ulta come in the classic colorways of black and tortoiseshell, and they’re also made of completely recycled plastic. 


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Machete Jumbo Heirloom Claw in Sea Shell Checker

Machete has some beautiful hair accessories that cost a pretty penny, but if you’re looking for a top-quality clip, these can’t be beat. They are made of a sturdy Italian acetate (I’ve dropped mine countless times and have yet to see a scratch.) They come in lots of beautiful colors and patterns, with my favorite of the moment being this checkerboard pattern.


LILIEBE 5.5” Large Hair Claw Clips

These are some of the biggest jumbo claw clips out there at 5.5 inches and they are endlessly versatile in the clear version. If you need the biggest claw clips you can find, I’d give these a try.


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Jumbo Hair Claw by SelfLovebyJen

At just over 5 inches, these are another large find and the blush color is to die for.


Lulus Modern Girl Gold Claw Hair Clip

These gold hair claws make every outfit classier and are perfect if you’re looking to add a bit of polish to your everyday outfit. 


Mable Jumbo Claw Clip

These from Urban Outfitters are perfect for thick and long hair and they comes in a range of colors including rainbow, although I think the pearl might be my favorite.


Altar’d State Grande Matte Claw Clip

If you love making a Barbie ponytail with a jumbo claw clip, then you need this hot pink clip to complete the look. At 5.5 inches, this is definitely sized to fit long and thick locks all day!


Free People Oversized Cloud Claw

The Oversized Cloud Claw from Free People has a cute cloud-sized cutout and gets bonus points for its cute patterns.


Andi Frosted Pink XL Claw Clip

And last but not least is this frosted pink jumbo claw clip from Andi. This one gets all the style points for its frosted pink color, and with it’s XL size it’ll be sure to keep your curls or extra-long hair tucked away all day.


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And those are 9 of the best jumbo claw clips for long and thick hair! Let us know if you’ve tried any of these or if there are any you know of that you love.


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