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7 Best Conditioners for Oily Hair

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How to Stop Hair From Getting Greasy After One Day

A few years ago I dreamed of being one of those people who could wash their hair only once a week, but I was just trying to stop my hair from getting greasy after just one day. If I took a shower in the morning, my hair was already getting oily by nighttime. I started by trying to “train” my hair, or the process of gradually washing my hair less and less until my hair could last for at least a couple days. After a few (long) months of this, I read that hair training was actually a myth and I had been wasting my time (cue the tears.)


9 Best Clear Hair Gloss Treatments You Can Do At-Home

If you’re looking for healthy, glossy hair, a clear hair gloss is the way to do it! If you’re looking for the best clear hair gloss for your needs, these are the best ones I’ve tried (and a few I haven't yet!)

9 Best Jumbo Claw Clips for Thick or Long Hair

While the jumbo claw clips of today come in lots of unique prints and stylish designs, the long ands thick-haired among us can still have trouble finding one large enough to hold all of that hair without having to readjust again and again throughout the day. Over the past several months I’ve bought more than my share to try to find some of the best for a quick updo that you can set and forget.

How to Use the Life-Changing Tiktok Hair Growth Oil, Step-by-Step

If you’re been following hairtok, then you’ve heard of this Tiktok hair growth oil as every hair influencer seems to have tried it or used it regularly. But as a hairtok observer myself, I’ve seen a lot of hair routines and trends, and some of them don’t seem to stick around.

How to Use Hair Mousse the Right Way

Mousse is one of those hair products that seems like it’s been around forever, but it is still one of the best ways to add volume, definition and hold for different hair types.