dpHue Gloss+ Auburn Review (With Before and Afters!)

dpHue Gloss+ Auburn Review (With Before and Afters!)

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I am something of a gloss fanatic, having tried nearly every gloss I can get my hands on. Whether it’s a clear gloss, a gloss with color, or water treatments that promise highly glossy results, I am also on the lookout for a new (or old) product that promises seriously shiny hair.


dpHue has been on my radar for a while and especially their glosses. I finally tried the dpHue Gloss+ and was really excited to see the results. I color my hair auburn every six weeks, and I was interested to see what the color would look like and how long it would last. Would this gloss be the one to deliver super shiny hair along with amazing color? Read on to find out my thoughts and see some pictures of my results!


How Long Does DpHue Gloss Last?

dpHue Gloss+ says that it lasts for up to 8 washes. I wash my hair every other day, so this would last me just over two weeks. The color did seem to stay for about two weeks on my hair, although your results will vary depending on how long you leave the gloss on and how intense your results are.


How Do You Use dpHue Gloss?

The dpHue Gloss+ is meant to be used on wet hair, although you can also use it on dry hair (more on that later.) First, shampoo as normal in the shower and then once you’ve rinsed out your hair, apply dpHue Gloss+. Make sure to saturate your hair all over, including your roots for seamless-looking color.


The directions state you can leave the dpHue Gloss+ on for 3-20 minutes, depending on how intense you want your results. This will take some trial and error to decide what level of intensity is right for you. I left Gloss+ in for 15 minutes since I wanted some noticeable results on my dark auburn hair.

 how do you use dphue gloss+

I would recommend using plastic gloves so it doesn’t stain your hands, although I didn’t use gloves when applying the first time. My hands did stain a little in the shower, but after rubbing them quite a bit with soap as I waited for the gloss to develop, the stains were nearly gone within a few minutes.


Can You Use dpHue Gloss+ On Dry Hair?

While many glosses, including dpHue’s Gloss+ are meant to be used on wet hair, you can also use it on dry hair. The results can be more intense on dry hair.


I tried the dpHue Gloss+ in Auburn on both wet hair and dry hair and definitely saw more vivid results when leaving it on dry hair, but I think which one you’d prefer will depend on how intense you’d like your results, as well as what is more convenient.


dpHue Gloss+ Auburn Before and After

dphue gloss+ auburn before and after

I tried to capture the color difference in these pictures, but I was really amazed by the vivid red tint in my hair after using the Auburn Gloss+. It was very dramatic, especially after applying it to dry hair and leaving it for 15 minutes. I was really impressed with how it looked. I felt like my hair afterwards was a good middle ground between dramatic and natural.


Does dpHue Gloss+ Cover Grey Hair?

While glosses are typically not strong enough to cover grey hairs, I was impressed with dpHue’s ability to at least obscure some of my grey roots. Because the dpHue Gloss+ is only demi-permanent color, it can’t penetrate deeply enough to alter the color of your greys.


It did however blend them with the rest of my hair and make them much less noticeable. If you are looking for an easy way to cover greys without permanently coloring your hair (or expecting miracles) this is a great way to go. I can definitely see myself using Gloss+ in the future if I want a quick way to make my grey hairs less noticeable.


dpHue Gloss+ Review Conclusion

The dpHue Gloss+ really impressed me with its gorgeous color, amazing shine, and with how seamlessly it blended my grey hairs into the rest of my hair. It was pretty easy to use and didn’t leave any stains that were difficult to get out.


I personally prefer applying it to dry hair because it left me with a more intense result and I found it easier than applying on wet hair, waiting 15 minutes, and then washing out. While it doesn’t last terribly long, it can still give you a few weeks or more (depending on how often you wash your hair) of vivid color and shine.


I’d definitely recommend Gloss+ for anyone looking to refresh their hair color between color appointments or if you’re looking to try a new color. This has me interested in trying some of the other colors available as well!

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