Does Conditioner Add Shine To Your Hair?

Does Conditioner Add Shine To Your Hair?

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Let's talk about hair conditioners and why they're awesome for your locks. Hair conditioners are like superheroes for your hair, swooping in to save the day after shampooing. These magical potions have a bunch of benefits that make your hair look and feel amazing. But if you’re looking to get rid of dullness you may be wondering if also add shine? And if not, what does?


What Do Conditioners Do?

After you shampoo your hair, the cleansing agents in shampoo can leave your hair dull, dry, and tangled. This is where conditioner comes in. Conditioner detangles, softens, adds moisture, and you guessed it, adds shine to your hair. They give your hair an overall healthier and more beautiful appearance that also protects your hair fro, damage and breakage.


Does Conditioner Add Shine To Your Hair?

Yes, conditioner does add shine to your hair! How much shine gets added to your hair will depend on your hair’s condition to start with as well as what conditioner you’re using. Conditioners are made with different hair types in mind, often providing different levels of moisture to work for different needs. The more moisture a conditioner seeks to give your hair, the more likely it is to make your hair shiny. However if you have fine, medium, or low porosity hair, a heavy conditioner thick with oils can weigh your hair down and make it greasy more quickly.


Which Hair Products Add Shine To Your Hair?

Thankfully there are products on the market that combine the conditioning factor with glossy shine. Using a hair gloss or shine-boosting treatment can give your hair a high-shine finish that is lightweight, which means it won’t weigh down even the most delicate of strands.


To get really shiny hair that is still low-maintenance, use the right conditioner for your hair type and supplement with a shine hair treatment in the shower. This combination is easy and truly a secret weapon for hai that is suffering from dullness or just hair that is looking for an extra dose of shine.


Our Favorite Products for Conditioning and Shine

conditioner that adds shine amika

Amika Flash Instant Hair Mask

This is one of my favorite instant hair glosses (and I’ve tried a lot!) It’s a conditioning and detangling product that works quickly in the shower and as a bonus, it smells amazing.


conditioner that adds shine loreal 8 second wonder water

L’Oreal 8 Second Wonder Water

This popular water treatment is affordable but packs a punch. It takes only 8 seconds in your hair for the formula to seep in. Once you rinse and dry your hair, you’ll be amazed at how much shinier your hair appears.


conditioner that makes hair shiny moremo miracle

Moremo Water Treatment Miracle 10

This K-beauty water treatment leaves my hair feeling super soft. Compared to some others I’ve treatment, this water treatment “Miracle” really does improve the feeling of my hair as well as give it a mega-shiny appearance.


Does Conditioner Add Shine To Your Hair Conclusion

While conditioner does add shine, there are products specifically formulated to give your hair an even greater dose of mega-watt sparkle. Look for the right conditioner for you as well as a glossing treatment to give your locks glorious shine.

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