6 Ways To Get A Blowout Ranked

6 Ways To Get A Blowout Ranked

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When it comes to hairstyles, there is nothing more classic than the blowout. It’s a tried-and-true hairstyle that can make you look put together and sophisticated without looking like you put in too much effort. It seems to go with any outfit and emphasizes the health and shine of your hair as well.


But getting a sleek blowout often requires a bit more effort than it seems. Luckily there are so many different ways to get a blowout these days that there’s sure to be a way that works for you to get a quick and easy blowout (or, relatively quick and relatively easy :)


I’ve tried every way of blowing out my hair I could think of in an effort to find the best and easiest way to get sleek and shiny hair with a hint of curl and a boost of volume. This is my ranked list of all the ways to get a blowout, from worst to best.


(Note: These are all my opinions, so take them with a grain of salt! If you’re a whiz with one of these tools I have difficulty with, then I’m jealous of your skills. :)


6 Ways To Get A Blowout Ranked

ways to get a blowout ranked

6. Blow Dryer

A blow dryer is probably the most traditional way of getting a blowout and if you’ve ever gotten a blowout at the salon, then you might have believed like I did that it would be easy to do yourself. For me at least this is very much not the case! Blow drying your hair sleek without frizz and while still giving the ends of your hair a hint of curl requires complex coordination of hair dryer and brush that makes me wonder why I don’t have three hands.

Ease: 1 star

Result: A beautiful, sleek blowout (if you can manage it!)


5. Overnight Blowout Kit

Overnight blowouts are one of the most hair-friendly ways to get a blowout since they require no heat at all. They generally require wrapping your hair around a long, satin cushion, or a sock, or bendy rods, and then sleeping with them in only to wake up to gorgeous flows waves the next day. I know many have had amazing results, but I’ve found them difficult and uncomfortable to sleep on. As much as I want good hair in the morning, I also want good sleep. Wrapping your hair around the rods or cushions can be difficult and require a bit of practice before you get it right. This method can get you beautiful bouncy waves, but I’d say it’s not for everyone.

Ease: 2 stars

Result: Bouncy waves


blow dry brush blowout

4. Blow Dry Brush

Blow dry brushes are a little easier than blow dryers because they are able to curl hair without the use of two tools (a blow dryer and a round brush). Blow dry brushes are best used on dry or nearly dry hair though, unlike blow dryers. I find they can still give y hair a bit of frizz, especially if my hair is a little wet before blow drying.

Ease: 3 stars

Result: Slightly frizzy blowout


easy way to get a blowout

3. Hot Rollers

Hot rollers are one of the most underrated hair tools, in my opinion. Super easy to use, they can be used by anyone without much learning curve at all. Even if not applied perfectly, they still give hair bounce and curl. I don’t rank these first because I do think It’s harder to get a true blowout with these. They instead give my hair a lot of bounce and slight curls. If you’re going for a more bouncy look rather than a sleek blowout, hot rollers are perfect.

Ease: 5 stars

Result: Bouncy curl blowout


velcro rollers blowout

2. Velcro Rollers

Not all of these tools need to be used separately, and I find velcro rollers are actually really helpful for adding volume whether you’re using a thermal brush, blow dryer or other heat styling tool. A common way to use velcro rollers is with a curling wand or iron or a flat iron to add heat to the hair before rolling it in the velcro rollers.


I find this method to take a little longer than some of the others in order to fit the hair well onto the velcro rollers. It can also take some maneuvering between the heat styling tool and rollers, and taking out the velcro rollers also can take some trial and error. After a few times though, I found using velcro rollers gives my blowout incredible volume along with shine. It’s not the easiest method, but it has perhaps the best result.

Ease: 3 stars

Result: Volume and sleekness, the ideal blowout


blowout thermal brush

1. Thermal Brush

Thermal brushes have been rising in popularity lately despite being emerging a few decades ago. I was a little skeptical of them though and decided to buy a cheap thermal brush on Amazon instead of the popular Amika thermal brush, but I was absolutely amazed by how easy it was to use and the sleek result.


So how do they work? Think of a curling iron that has bristles. There’s no air like with a blow dryer or a blow dry brush. And unlike a curling iron, it doesn’t leave your hair with curls, but it does make it easy to flip your hair at the ends. The thermal brush has become my go-to tool since I can do my whole head in 10 minutes and get the perfect result every time.

Ease: 5 stars

Result: Sleek, floppy blowout to perfection


6 Ways To Get A Blowout Conclusion

The best way to get a blowout is going to differ for everyone, but hopefully this guide gives you an idea of some methods to try to get sleek, shiny, volume. I’m not a professional hairstylist so I don’t have special skills or tons of practice in getting my hair right. I’ve just wanted to have nice hair everyday without the hassle. Give one (or all) of these methods a try for an amazing blowout.

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