6 Best Red Hair Glosses

6 Best Red Hair Glosses

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Some of the reasons why you might use a red hair gloss include:

  • Enhancing the color: If you already have beautiful red tones in your hair, a red hair gloss can be used to enhance your color or to boost the vibrancy of your red hair dye.
  • Refreshing the color: Over time, red hair can fade or become dull. A red hair gloss can be used to refresh the color and add shine.
  • Changing the tone: If you have red hair but want to change the tone or intensity of the color (maybe you want to go more orange or go towards a darker berry color), a red hair gloss can help you achieve the desired look without the commitment of permanent hair color.

Overall, a red hair gloss is a great way to maintain or enhance your red hair color, without the commitment or potential damage of permanent hair color.


Who Can Use Red Hair Gloss

Many different hair colors can use a red hair gloss, not just those who already have hair! A red or copper gloss can give a red tint to brown hair, giving it an auburn hue, or tinting blonde hair so it takes on a strawberry blonde color. Red hair gloss can also add shine and improve the overall appearance of the hair.


The right red gloss can also be used to neutralize any unwanted brassiness or orange tones in the hair.


Overall, using a red hair gloss can be a great option for anyone looking to refresh the look of their red hair and add some extra shine and vibrancy.


How Long Red Hair Gloss Lasts

Hair glosses are semi-permanent hair treatments that tend to last 4-6 weeks. They don’t penetrate the hair shaft but instead coat it to smooth the hair and add shine. They can also add color and tone to the hair without the commitment or damage of permanent hair dyes.

best red hair gloss 

6 Best Red Hair Glosses

dpHue Gloss+

Red Gloss Colors: Copper, Auburn, Strawberry

Why I Like It: Natural-looking color

How Long It Lasts: Up to 8 Washes

dpHue’s glosses are great for natural-looking enhanced red color that lasts for weeks. And I love that it has an auburn color. One of my favorite glosses to use for any color!


Maria Nila Color Refresh

maria nila color refresh copper

Red Gloss Colors: Autumn Red, Bright Red, Bright Copper

Why I Like It: Can mix with white mixer to dilute, bold color

How Long It Lasts: Between 4-10 Washes

Maria Nila Color Refreshes give hair a bold color change, but you can dilute with their white mixer to get a lighter wash of color.


Kristin Ess Signature Hair Gloss

Red Gloss Colors: Copper Penny, Ruby, Wild Berry

Why I Like It: affordable, glosses are formulated to enhance specific hair colors which erases the guesswork of choosing your color

How Long It Lasts: 3-4 Weeks

These affordable hair glosses have shaken things up at the drugstore. Their curated range has three shades of red that are each meant for a specific starting color and to achieve a specific gorgeous red end result.


IGK Color Depositing Hair Mask

Red Gloss Colors: Tarantino Red, Williams-Burgundy, Electric Bronze, On the Money

Why I Like It: Available in fun and natural colors, can change rather than tint your hair color

How Long It Lasts: Up to 10 Washes

The IGK Color Depositing Hair Masks are so easy to use and come in reds that are both natural and bold. You can leave it on for a few minutes for subtle tint or for longer for a bold pop of color.

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Redken Shades EQ Hair Gloss

Red Gloss Colors: There are many! Standouts are 06RB Cherry Cola, 05CC Electric Shock, 07GB Butterscotch, 07CC Urban Fever, 03A Terracotta

Why I Like It: Vast color range, can blend up to 50% of greys

How Long It Lasts: Up to 6 Weeks

This is the gloss formula hairdressers love for its vast color range and gorgeous high-shine finish. It’s easier to find a professional beauty supply retailers and must be used with a developer.


Josh Wood Color Hair Gloss

Red Gloss Colors: Copper Gold, Rose Brunette, Cherry

Why I Like It: Has shea butter for moisture, great for balayage and highlights

How Long It Lasts: 6 Washes

Head to Josh Wood’s website for photos of glossed balayage with his hair glosses—the results are stunning. I’m partial to copper gold which looks natural while still making a statement.


Pureology Color Fanatic Top Coat + Tone Hair Gloss

Red Gloss Colors: Copper, Red

Why I Like It: Results in 5 minutes

How Long It Lasts: Up to 8 Washes

Pureology hair glosses work in only five minutes but that doesn’t mean the color is super subtle. This gloss is a major color enhancer that will have your looking insanely fresh like you’ve just stepped out of the salon.


Best Red Hair Glosses Conclusion

A red hair gloss is a great way to maintain or enhance your hair color, without the commitment or potential damage of permanent hair color. Try one of these red hair glosses at home for a fuss-free tint of color and amazing shine!


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