Kristin Ess Chocolate Cosmo Signature Gloss Review -- Affordable, Glossy Hair Color in Minutes?

Kristin Ess Chocolate Cosmo Signature Gloss Review -- Affordable, Glossy Hair Color in Minutes?

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I’m a hair gloss obsessive because I love the look of super shiny hair and the feel of it too. I’ve tried so many glosses at this point I’ve lost count, but one I hadn’t tried until last week was the Kristin Ess Signature Gloss. I’m not sure why I hadn’t tried it yet since it’s incredibly popular and one of the most affordable hair glosses on the market (and one of the only ones available in the drugstore!)


I was super excited to get my hands on one to see how it works. First, I had to pick out a color. The Signature Glosses from Kristin Ess are all made to be used for specific hair colors.


For example, I ordered Chocolate Cosmo which is formulated especially for those with dark brown hair looking to add or enhance warm tones. Since my hair is medium to dark brown with warm tones in it already, I was hoping it would make my hair even warmer and really bring out the warm tones much more.


What Kristin Ess Gloss Does

The Kristin Ess Signature Gloss is an affordable hair gloss that adds shine, and can tint your hair color. It is semi-permanent hair color, meaning it lasts for up to four weeks. It's also available in several shades so you can find one that suits the look you're going for. 


The Signature Gloss works by depositing color onto the hair without lifting or lightening the natural color. This means that it can be used to refresh and revitalize color-treated hair, or to add a subtle tint to natural hair.

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In addition to adding shine and enhancing color, the Kristin Ess Signature Gloss can also help to smooth the hair's cuticle, reducing frizz and improving the overall texture of your hair. It is easy to use and can be applied at home, making it a convenient and affordable option for anyone looking to give their hair a little extra love and care.


How Kristin Ess Gloss Works

The Gloss Kit came with an activator liquid, bottle of gloss, and a pair of plastic gloves. It also comes with some handy instructions.

 how to use kristin ess hair gloss


Here's how to use the Kristin Ess Signature Gloss:

1. Wet you hair and then squeeze the excess water out of your hair so it is wet but not sopping. (This will help the gloss penetrate your hair strands.)

2. Put on the gloves and pour the gloss into the activator bottle.

3. Start by applying the gloss to your roots and then move onto the rest of your hair. I found it helpful to try sectioning my hair to make sure I don’t miss any parts.

4. Wait for 10-20 minutes to let it develop (the longer you wait, the more intense the result.)

5. Get in the shower and rinse until the water runs clear. Then shampoo and condition as usual.


My Experience Using the Kristin Ess Gloss

Using the Kristin Ess Gloss was a similar process to dyeing my hair, but instead of applying to dry hair you have to wet it first. The solution was very running and easy to spread throughout my hair, but it also meant my hair was dripping with the gloss and I had to squeeze the ends of my wet hair a bit before stepping out the shower to let it process.

 kristin ess hair gloss how does it work

I would also recommend cleaning up the shower a little after you’ve applied the gloss. I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t stain so I spent the first few minutes of my developing period cleaning it up from any surfaces and then rubbing it from the edges of my face.


Since you can let it develop for anywhere between 10-20 minutes, I decided to leave it for 15 minutes. When the time was up I rinsed it out easily enough and then finished up with my regular shampoo and conditioner. By the time I started shampooing my hair was already smoother and more detangled then normal because of the gloss!


My Results with the Kristin Ess Signature Gloss

kristin ess signature gloss chocolate cosmo

After I let my hair dry, I first noticed that my hair was darker than normal. My hair before was a kind of medium-to-dark brown with red tint, and it definitely took my hair a little darker into dark brown territory. The dark brown color was definitely tinted with red, though overall my hair actually seemed a bit less warm than before. I think this is because the the warmer tones were more obvious when my hair was lighter and the dark pigments overpowered my previous color.


The new color was a bit unexpected but I didn’t hate it; in fact I was surprised the gloss could really change my hair color so much. I think if you want to dye your hair a little bit darker this gloss can handle it.


My hair also looked shinier and felt a little softer. I loved how my hair looked after—soft, moisturized, and healthy.

 kristin ess chocolate cosmo

Kristin Ess Signature Gloss Review

Overall, I was really impressed with this gloss. My hair felt soft, and healthy, it looked shiny, and it gave my hair a subtle change in color. I would wait to see what other colors they have before trying again, but I would definitely use again since it was pretty easy to use at home and it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that can damage your hair. That, and it was pretty affordable. 

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