Does Hair Gloss Get Rid Of Frizz?

Does Hair Gloss Get Rid Of Frizz?

I love hair gloss for the super shiny finish it gives hair. It’s an amazing product that works for all hair types to make hair look healthier, and gives it a gorgeous and vibrant color shift. But does it also get rid of frizz?


What is Hair Gloss?

In the past, hair gloss treatments were only done in the salon and used to give hair incredible shine and tone hair color. Today there are many options for glossing your hair at home. Hair gloss comes in many tints to tone your hair color and revive dull hair color, but clear hair glosses also can give your hair a boost of shine without changing your hair’s color.

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How Does Hair Gloss Work?

Hair gloss coats hair strands and smooths down the cuticle which results in smoother hair. They gently condition while depositing a small amount of color (or not, if you use a clear hair gloss.) At-home hair glosses generally don’t penetrate the cuticle so the results tend to last for a few weeks.


Does Hair Gloss Get Rid of Frizz?

Hair gloss is a multi-tasking product that ads shine and color to hair while also, yes, smoothing frizz. While hair glosses are known for giving hair a high-shine effect, they also  leave hair smoother and softer. And because at-home hair glosses are semi-permanent, your frizz-free results can last for a couple of weeks or more.


Does Hair Gloss Damage Hair?

Hair gloss is very safe and does not cause hair damage. Because hair gloss coats the cuticle instead of penetrating it, it has very limited long-term effects on your hair.


Hair glosses are also less damaging than hair dyes because they use far less peroxide and achieve only a slight tint as opposed to a full color change. They also slightly condition the hair, which combats some of the drying effects of hair dye making gloss a perfect treatment for color-treated hair.


How Do I Apply Hair Gloss?

Apply your hair gloss after shampoo. I like to towel dry my hair and apply gloss onto my hair when it’s damp for better results. Wet hair tends to dilute the gloss and the formula is able to reach each cuticle easier when damp.

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You can follow with a conditioner if you feel you need it, but make sure to use any conditioning products after the hair gloss so that the gloss isn’t block by the thick conditioning ingredients on your hair.


Hair Gloss for Frizz Conclusion

Hair gloss is a good solution to tamp down frizz and give hair a gentle conditioning that can last for a few weeks. Glossing your hair, whether at the salon or at-home, can give your hair incredible shine and vibrant color, but if it’s the smoothing effects of gloss that you’re after, it can deliver on that too.

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