6 Best Light Brown Hair Dyes for Gorgeous At-Home Color

6 Best Light Brown Hair Dyes for Gorgeous At-Home Color

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Whether you’re looking to go caramel brown, mousy brown, or deep blonde, you can get this look at home easily with the best light brown hair dyes. There are so many shades to light brown hair that there is certainly one for everyone. Dyeing your hair at home is easy with the right steps and right hair dye, and light brown hair is a good choice for many since it sits in the middle of the color spectrum, meaning it can work for many different skin tones.


Light brown is having a moment now with expensive brunette currently popular. Anyone can pull off the look of shiny, rich, expensive-looking brunette hair, even if you don’t want to splurge on a salon appointment. There are a lot of options out there, not just for box dye brands, but also shades, and whether the dye is permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary. It can be overwhelming, but we’ve gathered the best options for your new light brown look.


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Can I Dye My Hair Light Brown Without Bleach?

If you are dyeing your hair lighter than your current color, you should only use an at-home color to go one shade lighter. If you want to go more than one shade lighter, it’s best to make a salon appointment because your hair will need to be lifted with bleach. Bleaching your hair incorrectly can lead to intense breakage, so it’s a task best left to a professional.


6 Best Light Brown Hair Dyes

IGK Color Depositing Mask

Light Brown Shades: A La Plage and Honey Please 

If you’re looking for a subtle color change just to test the waters, a color depositing mask is a great way to go. They’re easy to apply, and fast. These masks from IGK come in realistic and fun colors. The color A La Plage takes hair a bit lighter and cooler Honey Please is a light brown with warmer tones.


To apply these semi-permanent masks, apply with gloved to clean wet hair, comb through to distribute evenly, then wait 5 minutes and rinse. You can apply for up to 15 minutes for an even stronger color payoff.


Loreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color

Light Brown Shades: Light Brown, Light Golden Brown, Light Ash Brown 

I’ve used the Loreal Paris Permanent Triple Care Hair Colors more times than I can count. It’s great for covering stubborn greys (seriously, I know this firsthand) and also for transforming your hair to a new shade. They have 3 shades for light brown including Light Brown, Light Golden Brown, and Light Ash Brown. I love the Light Ash Brown shade for an on-trend expensive-looking mousy brown.


Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Hair Color

Light Brown Shades: 6N Dark Blonde, 5NW Light Natural Warm Brown

Wella has been popular for years for their fade-resistant formula and beautiful colors. It also conditions your hair for added shine. To apply the hair color you mix 1 part hair color with 2 parts of the developer (to be purchased separately.) If you’re brave, you can mix some of their colors together of your own custom shade, but with 68 shades they have several options if you’re going for light brown hair. 


In this line 6N Dark Blonde is best for those starting with blonde hair. 5NW is a standout shade for a light natural warm brown. 


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Garnier Olia Oil-Powered Permanent Color

Light Brown Shades: 5.3 Medium Golden, 7.0 Dark Blonde

Garnier Olia’s ammonia-free hair color line uses oils to deliver hair permanent hair color while also make hair shinier. Their 5.3 Medium Golden color is a nice medium brown with warm tones. 7.0 Dark Blonde is a gorgeous light brown, best for blondes or those with light to medium brown hair naturally (if your hair is colored, this shade is best for those with blonde or light brown hair currently.) The added shine makes hair look healthy and the color vivid.


dpHue Color Boosting Gloss + Deep Conditioning Treatment in Light Brown

Light Brown Shades: Light Brown

Hair glosses are one of the best ways to enhance your hair color quickly. If you have blonde hair you want to take shade darker, or brown hair and you want to enhance your existing color, hair gloss is a great option to add a bit of color and major shine to your hair. This one from dpHue is also a deep conditioner and will leave your hair shiny and soft in addition to semi-permanent color. The light brown shade brings out warmth in brown hair after just 3 minutes in the hair.


Madison Reed Radiant Hair Color Kit

Light Brown Shades: Avella Light Brown, Umbria Light Brown, Veneto Light Brown, Lucca Light Brown

Madison Reed hair color manages to cover grey while conditioning hair and delivering beautiful, realistic color. Their permanent hair color formula is made in Italy. The hair color comes with an kit that includes everything you’ll need to transform your hair: 2 pairs of gloves, a cap, shampoo and conditioner, barrier cream, cleansing wipes, radiant cream color, and conditioning color activator. 


Avella Light Brown is a gorgeous light neutral brown. Umbria Light Brown is slightly cooler and best for resistant greasy. Veneto Light Brown is the coolest of the bunch with smokey tones. Lucca Light Brown leans auburn with a warm red sheen.


How to Maintain Light Brown Hair Color 

Using a shampoo specifically formulated for color-treated hair will keep your hair from fading quickly. For light brown hair, using a blue shampoo once a week will cut the orange or red tones from hair, keeping your light brown locks from appearing brassy.


Best Light Brown Hair Dyes Conclusion 

Light brown hair is a versatile hair color that can exude glamour or earthiness. If you’re just trying light brown hair out, a hair gloss or color depositing mask is a great first step. Otherwise, taking the plunge into light brown hair is something that works for people of different skin tones and hair types.

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