How to Use Hair Thickening Powder [2023]

How to Use Hair Thickening Powder [2023]

Hair thickening powders are truly one of the most underrated hair products out there. Also known as volumizing powders, these powders can give your hair texture, volume and thickness worthy of a 90s supermodel. 


So why are they such an awesome hair product? Hair thickening and volumizing powders can help hair that’s thin and lifeless transform in seconds without adding excess grit to your hair making it feel heavy. Hair thickening powder can be very lightweight and give your hair amazing bounce in seconds. Seriously, there is no faster way to give thin hair life than with a thickening or volumizing powder!


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This post will give you all the information on how to use hair thickening powder the right way and give you the best hair thickening powders.


How does Hair Thickening Powder work?

Hair thickening or volumizing powders are made with rough particles of silica which coat strands and a friction between the strands which makes them stand up instead of laying on top of one another. The result is hair that is thicker and more lifted. Powder can also make your hair easier to shape and reshape into different hairstyles. Every hair type can benefit from hair thickening powder.


How do you use hair thickening powder?

To use hair thickening powder, first make sure your hair is dry. Apply some to your hair or in the palm of your hand. Start with a small amount as you can always add more, and typically you’ll only need a small amount anyway. Run your hands through your hair, starting at the roots to get some volume. Run the powder through the rest of your hair for increased texture and thickness. 


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Is hair thickening/volumizing Powder the same as dry shampoo?

Hair thickening powder and dry shampoo are not the same, though they do solve some of the same problems. Hair thickening or texturizing powders are not meant to soak up excess oil as dry shampoo does. For lightweight texture and the appearance of thicker hair, hair thickening powder is your best bet.


Is Volumizing Powder Bad for Hair?

Hair thickening powder is safe for your hair since it washes out during your next shampoo session. However if you are using hair powder regularly or leaving it in for more than 3 days, your hair may start to dry out.


10 Best Hair Thickening Powders

Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing Root Powder and Dry Shampoo

This 98% naturally-derived formula has ginseng and ginger to stimulate the scalp for natural hair growth while also delivering texture and thickness to your roots. This one is a winner for giving you the short-term appearance of thicker, healthier hair while also nourishing our hair for the long-term.


Verb Volume Texture Powder

This texture powder from Verb adds hold and grip while also working as a lightweight dry shampoo to soak in excess oil. It has a light oatmeal and grapefruit scent and sprays the powder into your hand for easy application.


Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder Dry Shampoo

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This Bumble and Bumble powder is a hybrid dry shampoo powder and volumizer while also giving hold to your hairstyle. It comes in a mini size for travel and is a perfect multi-tasker to bring on a trip (or to work or to the gym…)


Kevin Murphy Powder Puff Volumizing Powder

This is one of the cutest hair products I’ve ever seen but it works even better to give hair amazing volume. This powder is great for messy Brigitte Bardot volume or for giving shape and hold to a hairstyle. 


Oribe Hair Care Swept Up Volume Powder

This Oribe powder is so lightweight and has a precise sprayer which allows you to apply to your roots exactly where you want it. It’s buildable, so start small and apply for more for incredible volume and thickness. 


Boldify Hair Volumizing Powder

Boldify’s Hair Volumizing Powder is made with ingredients like coconut oil and aloe vera which add moisture to your hair to fight powder’s drying effects. It has no white residue so if you have dark hair you should have no worries about this one, just volume and texture for days!


Kirstin Ess Working Texture Loose Styling Powder

Kristin Ess uses her own Loose Styling Powder on braids before pulling them apart for textured, loose beauty waves. Or you can keep it in a braid and tug slightly at the sides to give your braid incredible fullness.


Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing & Texturizing Powder

This volumizing texturing powder from Big Sexy is fragrance-free and colorless for a truly invisible application to your hair. This powder is especially for those with medium or thick hair. A little goes a long way with this one so apply a little, fluff up your hair, and you’ll have incredible thickness and lift.


Got2B Volumaniac Spray Powder

This affordable spray powder from Got2B gives light control without fragrance in a convenient spray powder. It works for every hair type to make hair appear thicker and more lifted.


BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Texturizing Powder

This drugstore favorite is another dry shampoo/texturing powder hybrid, but this one also manages to protect your hair from UV rays as well! This is an affordable way to give your hair bounce and make your hair thicker without a huge amount of grit.



Hair Thickening Powder is one of the best ways to get thicker hair fast!

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