7 Best Vanilla Hair Perfumes and Mists

7 Best Vanilla Hair Perfumes and Mists

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Vanilla is such a crowd-pleasing and intoxicating scent, but when it comes to vanilla hair perfumes the choices are somewhat limited. Though there are tons (and tons) of vanilla eau de parfums out there, hair perfume is still less common even though it is far less drying on the hair.


I love hair perfumes and body mists, and vanilla is my go-to layering scent. It works so well as a base for so many other scents, but it’s also a warm, comforting scent that I love to wear on its own. But while I love wearing perfume on my body, spraying perfume in my hair is my favorite way to wear it. It lasts forever but is still subtle.


If you’ve been looking for a good vanilla hair perfume that is also good for your hair, I’ve found 9 of the best that are all good choices for healthy, amazing-smelling hair.


Why is vanilla such a popular scent? 

It turns out that vanilla is not just a popular scent, but THE most popular scent. It regularly ranks as the most popular scent in surveys but scientific studies have also come to the conclusion that vanilla has universal appeal. Even though different cultures perceive scents differently, the combination of sweet, warm, and creamy in vanilla is homey and comforting to people around the world.


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Vanilla has also been shown to reduce stress and enhance mood, so it’s a great scent to spray for a pick-me-up. Also, a very vanilla-heavy fragrance works great to layer with other scents since vanilla is a note in so many perfumes.


Can I use hair perfume everyday? 

If you’ve ever worn perfume in your hair on a regular basis you might have experienced dryness from the alcohol in the perfume. Hair perfumes contain less alcohol and often have other ingredients which nourish your hair and sometimes even increase hair shine. Wearing hair perfume everyday is perfectly safe. Just make sure you are spraying it on dry hair for hair that will smell great all day long.


7 Best Vanilla Hair Perfumes

pacifica island vanilla hair and body mist

Pacifica Island Vanilla Hair & Body Mist

Target has so many amazing and affordable hair and body sprays including Pacifica’s line of mists. Their Island Vanilla hair and body mist is one of their most popular. It has a classic beauty vanilla scent that doesn’t smell cheap. It is a perfect vanilla scent for layering as it’s fairly uncomplicated as far as vanilla goes. It’s alcohol-free and comes out in a light mist that doesn’t feel heavy on my hair. I love spraying this before I go to sleep as well!


Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa ’71 Caramelized Vanilla & Macadamia

Sol de Janeiro has some amazing gourmand scents. Cheirosa ’71 has notes of vanilla with some caramel and one nuttiness that will have you smelling like dessert. This is a very warm but still tropical vanilla, like dipping into a caramel sundae with vanilla ice cream, but with a bit of spice. Since it’s a mist, it doesn’t have the lasting power of perfume but it comes in a larger size and at a fairly affordable price. 

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Byredo 1996 Inez & Vinoodh Hair Perfume

Byredo has been the cool perfume brand for a while, and they’ve been coming out with their perfumes in different formats, including hair perfume! Their 1996 scent is one of their more hidden gems, although it’s not the most pure vanilla scent on this list. Amber and woody notes combined with the vanilla give this perfume a smokey, fireplace vibe, and while Byredo say it’s a gender-neutral scent it does tend to lean more masculine. 


Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar

This Bath and Body Works mist is a delicious vanilla with more than a hint of jasmine that makes this a floral vanilla dream. It’s definitely a warm and cozy scent, perfect for cuddling up on a rainy day. It’s pretty light, so get ready to reapply if you want this one to last several hours. This one also pairs well layering with other fragrances, especially floral ones to complement the jasmine note.


Amika 001 Hair Fragrance

If you’ve ever smelled an Amika hair product, you’ve probably smelled this fragrance. Amika is well-known for their great-smelling haircare products and it’s thanks to this combination of warm vanilla, fresh citrus, and spicy sweet clover. This fragrance also has their key ingredient—sea buckthorn—which is a fatty acid great for moisturizing hair, so it nourishes your hair as it’s making your tresses smell incredible. 


Being Frenshe Hair, Body & Linen Mist Body Spray with Essential Oils - Cashmere Vanilla

This 3-in-1 spray for hair, body, and linens is out of stock seemingly every time I try to pick it up (which only makes me want it more, sigh.) It has notes of vanilla, amber, jasmine, and musk. They carry this scent in a candle, body wash, body lotion, hair and body oil, and more products so you can try the scent even if you can’t yet get your hands on the spray.


Victoria’s Secret Bare Vanilla Fragrance Mist

This is an affordable mist that serves up a classic blend of sugary vanilla and marshmallow without a synthetic scent. It’s popular even among those who don’t love the Victoria’s Secret fragrance most line is a great one to layer because of its simple vanilla base. 

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Vanilla Hair Perfume Conclusion

Vanilla is a great scent to have around for when you want to feel cozy and warm, layer it on top of one of your other fragrances, or just smell great. If you’re starting a hair perfume collection, a vanilla fragrance is a great place to start!

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