All The Good Chemistry Body Mists and Perfume Scents, Ranked

All The Good Chemistry Body Mists and Perfume Scents, Ranked

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I love body mists and have pretty much made it my mission to check out all the popular ones out there, so it wasn’t too long before I tried and fell in love with Good Chemistry.


Good Chemistry is a clean fragrance brand that is sold at Target and on Amazon, as well on their own site. They sell eau de parfums and body mist (see more about the differences between these two below) and they also sell candles in more home-friendly scents.


Why I Love Good Chemistry

First of all, I love how affordable their scents are! Their body mists are an inexpensive way to smell good. They also have a unique cone-shaped packaging and pastel color scheme that underscores how soothing and sophisticated these scents are. I find the Good Chemistry scents to be more grown up and complex than say, Bath and Body Works or Pacifica, so if you’re looking for a unique scent without a huge price tag this is a good brand to check out.


Good Chemistry Eau de Parfums vs Body Mists

Good Chemistry sells their scents in both eau de parfum and body mist form, which can be confusing since they smell largely the same. The main differences are that body mists will have far less fragrance than an eau de parfum. Because of this, body mists tend to be lighter which makes them subtler and harder to overspray, but it also means they won’t typically last as long.


Body mists are great for a subtle scent or for layering different scents on top of one another. My favorite way to wear them is by layering with a body lotion that has similar notes to make a completely unique scent, but they also wear great on their own.


Ranking the Good Chemistry Perfume and Body Mist Scents

These are all my personal opinions, so you may totally disagree with my assessment. And I actually don’t dislike ANY of the Good Chemistry scents (and I can’t say that for every body mist line) so I think if you’re want to try one you really can’t go wrong.


good chemistry queen bee


8. Queen Bee

Notes: Black Currant, Peony, Amber

Queen Bee is dark and rich and makes me feel like I’m sitting somewhere cozy but chic, like maybe a lounge of an expensive hotel. It makes me think of Cheirosa ’40 from Sol de Janeiro because they both have notes of amber and the black currant is similar to the Sol de Janeiro’s plum note. Rich and dark fruity scents aren’t my favorite but I think for someone who does typically like this, it’s a really well done scent.


good chemistry coco blush

7. Coco Blush

Notes: Pineapple, Coconut Water, Driftwood

The notes of coconut water, pineapple, and driftwood made me think this would be a light beachy scent, but this is actually a really strong, sophisticated nighttime scent to me. I’ll give this one the award for Smells Most Different From Its Description, but that’s not necessarily bad. Try this one if you like something rich and intoxicating.


good chemistry sugar berry

6. Sugar Berry

Notes: Freesia, Raspberry, Vanilla

Sugar Berry is a kind of sparkling fruity scent, like a fruity champagne. I like this one for layering especially because on its own I wish it had another note to round it out. It gives a lot of pop though to other scents and smells different from a lot of other scents I have.


good chemistry magnolia violet

5. Magnolia Violet

Notes: Magnolia, Peony, Amber

There’s something about a scent that comes in purple or periwinkle packaging that makes me think it’s going to have a strong lavender scent, but this one smells much fresher. It’s a very feminine floral and lighter than expected. This one smells younger than the others and it reminds me of scents I wore as a teenager but it doesn’t smell too common.


4. Cheerful Charmer

Notes: Coconut Milk, Apple Blossom, Vanilla

Cheerful Charmer manages to combine a slight spiciness and warmth with light airiness, like dessert on a beach. It’s really strong on the coconut and vanilla scent and is a really nice gourmand for spring or summer.


good chemistry tiger lily

3. Tiger Lily

Notes: Orange Flower, Amber, Vanilla

This is closer to what I thought Coco Blush would smell like — light, citrus, and happy. This is a pretty clean scent and great for smelling fresh out of the shower. It’s a little floral but not overwhelmingly so, and it’s balanced out by a sunny brightness from the orange flower note.


good chemistry coffee cloud

2. Coffee Cloud

Notes: Bergamot, Espresso, Cedarwood

If you like coffee scents, you’ll really like this one (at least I do!) It’s one of my favorites from Good Chemistry because of its yummy combination of coffee and floral. Many coffee scents tend to go a little hard on the coffee note, but not this one—it’s subtle but still noticeable and smells divine.


good chemistry pink palm

1. Pink Palm

Notes: Dragonfruit, Magnolia, Sugared Vanilla

Fresh and fruity perfection. I’m not typically a fan of fruity perfumes, but in this case the dragonfruit gives just the right amount of zing to balance out the florals. This scent makes me think of sitting by a pool in a retro-inspired hotel while ordering different fruity drinks. This is one of my favorite body mists in my whole collection.


All The Good Chemistry Body Mist and Perfume Scents, Ranked Conclusion

I hope this guide to the Good Chemistry body mist and eau de parfum scents was helpful! I’m excited to see if they come out with any more scents in the future, and of course I hope to try their candles too at some point. If you try one of these, let me know what you think!

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