Pacifica Hair and Body Mists, Ranked

Pacifica Hair and Body Mists, Ranked

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Everyone who loves a good affordable scent has heard of the Pacifica hair and body mists. They have a number of hits (and some lesser-known gems, but the amount of hair and body mists they have in their line can make it hard to know which ones are worth it and which ones you should skip.   


I love the brand’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free scents (they also come in perfume form) and I’ve found them great for layering or for wearing alone. All of the Pacifica hair and body mists are made of natural ingredients and/or essential oils. They’re also alcohol-free and made of 100% PCR recycled plastic.


It’s always hard to rank scents, but I was pretty opinionated about this batch as Pacifica scents range for me from cheap and headache-inducing to surprisingly fresh and sophisticated. This is my 100% honest ranking of the Pacifica Hair and Body Mists!


Best Pacifica Hair and Body Mists

10. French Lilac

Notes: lilac, heliotrope, magnolia leaves, ylang-ylang, hyacinth, nectarine

This mist has a lot of things I normally love like white florals and powdery notes but this one goes overboard. This one could maybe be nice for me if I layered it with something fruity or woody, but on its own it smells too much like an overpowering bathroom air freshener.


9. Blue Moon

Notes: water, lavender, currant

I’m not the biggest fan of lavender, I’ll just say that up front. However I don’t smell so much lavender. The currant is pretty overwhelming and it comes a flat faux grape-blueberry-bubblegum combination that makes my head hurt if I smell it for too long. On the Pacifica’s website, this one has some of the worst ratings, so it seems in my dislike I’m not alone.


8. Flower Moon

Notes: jasmine, peach, vanilla

pacifica hair and body mist target

It’s always fun looking up the notes after I’ve smelled a scent to see what it’s supposed to smell like. In this case, my note guessed were pretty wrong is I don’t get much vanilla here and very little peach. It’s a very floral, fresh, gardenia-scent, like walking through a flower market on steroids. This one would go better layered with other fragrances than alone unless you love an intense floral scent.


7. Indian Coconut Nectar

Notes: coconut, vanilla, ambrosia

pacifica hair and body mist review

I loved this kind of straight coconut scent when I was younger. It’s a not very complex coconuty-sunscreen smell that you’ve probably smelled before on every beach in your childhood (and/or adulthood.) It’s a fine, if common scent that might be good as a layer to add a coconut edge to another fragrance. There’s nothing wrong with liking a scent so common of course! But it’s nothing unusual or surprising and is maybe the least unusual on this whole list.


6. Tuscan Blood Orange

Notes: blood orange, raspberry, strawberry, mandarin, Italian sweet orange

This is a very orange citrus-heavy scent that smells juicy and fresh but if you’re not into smelling like an orange you won’t be a fan of this one. I don’t dislike this smell, but I wouldn’t wear it on its owners its too heavy on the orange scent for my liking.


5. Silver Moon

Notes: vanilla, almond, spice

pacifica hair and body mist

Silver Moon continues the vanilla base that is common to all the moon scents but this one is better balanced than the floral-heavy Flower Moon and currant-heavy Blue Moon. The almond and spice combined with the vanilla make this scent familiar (like an old bath and body works body mist maybe) and almost smells like it has some jasmine or a nice light floral.


4. Island Vanilla

Notes: vanilla, honey-jasmine, fruitiness, tea

pacifica island vanilla hair and body mist

Island Vanilla smells like pure, well…vanilla. But since I’m trying to be scientific (haha), there is bit of sweetness there from the honey that rounds this scent out. Island Vanilla is maybe the most popular Pacifica Hair and Body Mist, likely due to vanilla’s huge popularity as a scent in general. This is a very pleasing and pure vanilla scent that goes well with so many other fragrances that I think it’s worth owning it just to spritz as a base for many other scents. 


3. Dream Moon

Notes: pink rose, sandalwood, patchouli

pacifica dream moon

This is a dupe for Ariana Grande Cloud, which is a dupe for the Uber-expensive Baccarat Rouge 540 from Maison Francis Kurkdijan, and a cousin to Sol de Janeiro’s Beige Flor scent, so if you like any of those, you may like this. It smells a lot like Ariana Grande Cloud to me, but it has a slight cologne-like scent from the patchouli to it which makes it a little more masculine in my opinion that the similar ones mentioned. This scent is really nice and great to wear on its own. 


2. Neon Moon

Notes: sandalwood, jasmine, smoky cardamom

I knew from the moment I smelled Neon Moon it was a dupe for something expensive but I couldn’t put my finger on it. But after some internet sleuthing I’ve got it: Le Labo Santal 33. It has a nice amount of spice to it from the cardamom that goes nice with the jasmine. This is a good scent to wear on its own and is a good choice if you want a cheaper Santal 33.


1. Tahitian Gardenia

Notes: gardenia bloom, jasmine, sweet orange, tea leaves

pacifica body mist review

I love Tahitian Gardenia. I’ve brought this one with me to the beach, sprayed it on after the shower, and layered it with other fragrances. It’s a really fresh scent that’s not overly floral and not overly tropical. Its a nice daytime greenery and white floral combo that is rejuvenating and refreshing.


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Pacifica Hair and Body Mist Conclusion

The Pacifica Hair and Body Mists are great affordable scents with a decent amount of range among the scents. Since a lot of them are scents that are not very complex, they work well to layer with other scents (which is my favorite way to wear them.) I can’t wait to try some more scents by Pacifica and I’ll update this post with those scents when I do!

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