Is Color Depositing Conditioner Bad for Your Hair?

Is Color Depositing Conditioner Bad for Your Hair?

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Color depositing conditioners are one of my favorite hacks to keep my hair color vibrant in between coloring sessions, but is color depositing conditioner bad for your hair? We’ll go over everything you want to know about color depositing conditioners (or color depositing masks, as they’re sometimes called), including how to use them and which three you need to try.


Is Color Depositing Conditioner Bad for Your Hair?

Color depositing conditioners only use semi-permanent hair dye which does not penetrate into the cortex of the hair which makes these very gentle formulas on your hair.  As a result, color depositing conditioners will last you up to 6 weeks. They also tend to have conditioning ingredients which leave your hair softer and shinier, giving your hair a healthier appearance in addition to vibrant color.


How Long Does Color Depositing Conditioner Last?

Color depositing conditioners can give your hair a subtle or dramatic shift in color that will fade gradually over the course of several weeks. They wash out over time with shampoo, so extend the time between your shampoo sessions to make your hair color last longer.


How Often Can You Use Color Depositing Conditioner?

Because color depositing conditioners don’t penetrate deeply into your hair and cause damage, you can use these every few weeks when you feel your hair color has faded. Using them too often could lead your hair to feel dry due to the hair dye. Keep your hair moisturized with a hair mask or leave-in conditioners to maintain your hair’s shine and softness.


How to Use Color Depositing Conditioner

Color depositing conditioners are rising in popularity due to how easily and quickly they can change your hair color. To use them, first use gloves and perform a strand test to make sure the color comes out as you want.

 hair quiz

Then, simply apply to your hair after shampooing and wait for the amount of time instructed on the bottle, usually between 5-15 minutes. The longer you keep the mask on your hair, the more dramatic the shift in color will be.


Can Color Depositing Conditioner Lighten Hair?

Color depositing conditioners cannot lighten hair because they don’t contain bleach an do not change the natural pigment of your hair, but they can give it a slightly lightened appearance. Coordinate depositing conditioners are best for dyeing your hair darker or for neutralizing brassy tones or giving your hair a warmer tone.


Does Color Depositing Conditioner Cover Grey Hair?

Color depositing conditioners are generally not strong enough to cover greys. Permanent dye is needed to penetrate deeply enough to change the natural pigment.


3 Best Color Depositing Conditioners

IGK Color Depositing Hair Mask

igk color depositing mask

This is a very conditioning mask that makes hair really soft in addition the coloring hair. You can also use it on dry hair for an even more intense color payoff. I love their Electric Bronze color for a subtle auburn shift.


Maria Nila Color Refresh

maria nila color depositing conditioner

Maria Nila Color Refreshes come in 15 gorgeous colors including a white color you can use to mix with other colors. In addition to the beautiful colors, these are also very mixable shades so you can create your own custom formula. These are wildly popular for a reason; try one and you’ll be converted.


oVertone Haircare Semi-Permanent Color Depositing Conditioner with Shea Butter & Coconut Oil

oVertone is a line I love for their non-traditional hair colors-think pink, blue or violet. You can also mix them with a regular hair mask to dilute the hair color. They are packed with moisturizing ingredients to keep your hair soft and shiny and the color lasts for several weeks.


Is Color Depositing Conditioner Bad for Hair Conclusion

Color depositing conditioners are an amazing way to refresh your hair in between coloring appointments, or if you’d like to try a color without the commitment. I personally love them to give my hair a subtle shift that keeps my hair looking vibrant while also giving it a dose of shine.

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