Styling Your 2C Hair (And the ONLY Products You Need)

Styling Your 2C Hair  (And the ONLY Products You Need)

Styling 2C hair is tricky. Even though you have beautiful voluminous waves, getting rid of frizz and poofiness is hard. Blow drying and straightening is difficult too, and time-consuming.


With the right prep though, 2C hair has a natural volume and shapeliness that works well with lots of styles. In fact the natural pattern and texture of 2C waves gives it a natural style that many try to emulate.


If you take advantage of the strengths of 2C hair, you can style your waves easily and without frizz. We’ll go over the best tips for caring for your 2C hair so its in the best shape for styling, how to style your hair, the best haircuts for 2C hair, and a concise list of styling products that will keep your waves looking moisturized and bouncy.


What is 2C Hair?

2C hair is the coarsest of the wavy types and has a more distinguished wave pattern than its sisters 2A and 2B. Where 2A is defined by tousled loose waves and 2B by it’s “S” wave pattern starting at the mid-lengths, 2C has strong “S” waves that start at the root and continue all the way down.


styling 2c hair


2C hair is more prone to frizz and poofiness because the wavier or curlier hair is, the more it can suffer from dryness. Frizz occurs when hair is looking for moisture in the environment, causing it to stick out.


How to Style 2C Hair

The key to styling 2C hair is really a great haircare routine. 2C hair is very similar to curly hair in that emphasizing your natural wave pattern will give you gorgeous base which you can style in many different ways.


1. Wash as frequently as possible

Shampooing too often can strip your hair of its natural oils. Since you want to see your 2C waves moisturized, try to limit your shampoo sessions.


2. Use a deep conditioner every week

A deep conditioning hair mask or treatment will give you hair a large dose of moisture that will leave your hair softer and springier. Using these regularly will have a major impact on the definition of your waves,

 hair quiz


3. Use a leave-in conditioner

Before you detangle your hair after the shower, make sure you’re using a water-based leave-in conditioner. Then comb through with a wide-tooth comb which is gently on your hair to avoid damage and brushing out the definition of your waves.


4. Use a curl mousse

Curl mousse isn’t just for the curls. It can also help define waves and emphasize your natural wave pattern. Curl mousse can add moisture and hold so your waves don’t become lackluster and dull.


The Best Haircuts for 2C Hair

1. Layers

Layers are ideal for 2C hair because the increase volume, emphasize texture, and encourage wave definition. Face-framing layers give life to waves which can drag and become weighed down when all the hair is the same length. Layers also give fullness to the hair.

2c hair bangs bob 

2. Wavy Bangs

Bangs aren’t just for straight-haired girls. Wavy bangs look fresh and chic, but if you don’t want to risk such a bold move, curtain bangs are a safer choice that look just as good.


3. The Wavy Bob

A wavy bob is a good low maintenance hairstyle for 2C hair because the hair easily looks voluminous and its easier to keep curls springy when the hair is short.


4. Shag

The shag looks like it was made for 2Bs and 2C which its emphasis on a very natural-looking wave. A shag haircut has layers that are feathered at the top of the head for a look that is bohemian and rebellious.


Hairstyles for 2C Hair

With 2C hair prepped to go, there area lot of hairstyles that are easy to pull together.


You can pull back front pieces for a bohemian and earthy style.

2C hair has natural definition that gives updos casual elegance.

 2c hair

A hair accessory can easily pull 2C waves together for even a formal event.

Letting your waves loose looks good for everyday or for going out.


Best Products for Styling 2C Hair

Shampoo and Conditioner: Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner

I love all of the Living Proof shampoo and conditioners I’ve tried, including this one. The No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner blocks humidity and makes my hair feel softer. It’s sulfate and silicone-free.


Hair Mask: Ceremonia Mascarilla de Babassu Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Ceremonia has a lot of products that are awesome for wavy hair. This hair mask uses babassu oil and capuacu butter to deep condition and strengthen the hair. It’s meant to be used in the shower but you can also use it on dry hair pre-shower as well.


Leave-In Conditioner: It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner

It’s a 10’s leave-in conditioner is their hero product (so much so that they’ve expanded the line to accommodate different hair concerns and types.) It gives hair 10 different benefits from detangling, reducing frizz, adding shine, adding moisture and restoring natural body. This is great for reviving 2C waves and keeping them moisturized and bouncy.


Curl Mousse for Wavy Hair: Pattern Curl Mousse

I love this curl mousse for wavy hair because while it has lots of conditioning ingredients and oils to add moisture, it’s also lightweight enough to not weigh hair which is super important for waves.


Styling 2C Hair Conclusion

Styling 2C hair is all about the prep. Taking care of your waves will allow you to emphasize your natural wave pattern which is a style unto itself. Using the right products to keep your waves moisturized and defined is key to hair that looks good at all times.

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