7 Best Hair Fragrances at Sephora, Ranked

7 Best Hair Fragrances at Sephora, Ranked

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With the next VIB sale around the corner, you may be wondering what are the best hair fragrances and perfumes at Sephora. I was wondering that myself given that while Sephora has sizable hair and perfume sections, there aren’t a lot of products that come to mind that bridge these two categories. While there are of course a lot of hair products that smell amazing, we’ll focus on those products that are aimed squarely at making giving your hair a glorious aroma, while also being formulated specifically for your hair.


Why use a hair perfume instead of a regular perfume? You can use either, but hair perfumes will have more hair-healthy ingredients and avoid potentially drying out your hair as alcohol-based perfume does. And hair perfume does seem to be a growing category with more options all the time, so you’ll likely find something here to catch your eye (or nose.) 


7 Best Hair Fragrances at Sephora, Ranked

Sol de Janeiro Hair and Body Mists

I’ve ranked all of the permanent Sol de Janeiro Hair and Body Mists in a previous post, and the definitely can’t be missed on a list like this. The Sol de Janeiro mists are a consistent best seller at Sephora. Compared to many hair perfumes and mists at Sephora, they are relatively affordable and come in a mini version for even more savings if you’d like to give it a try before committing. 


sol de janeiro sephora


These scents all fall in the same family of tropical gourmands. Cheirosa ’62 is the classic scent in their Bum Bum Cream with notes of salted caramel, pistachio, and vanilla, but Cheirosa ’68 Beija Flor is a great light scent with notes of Brazilian jasmine and pink dragonfruit. I also love the new Rio Radiance scent with notes of tuberose and coconut milk.


Gisou Honey Infused Hair Perfume

gisou hair perfume review

This is a gorgeous scent that makes me imagine being in a garden of flowers and bees making honey. The fragrance has sweet honey notes (since honey is one of the signature ingredients in their line from the Mirsalehi Bee Garden) as well as floral notes and some citrus. The founder Negin Mirsalehi is known for her gorgeous hair and the first hair perfume in her line is also a stunner.


Moroccanoil Hair and Body Fragrance Mist

Moroccanoil’s hair products have a signature scent that they’ve bottled for that second or third day hair when you just want the fragrance to last a little bit longer. This mist includes argan oil and vitamin E to moisturize the hair and it protects hair from UV exposure. I like a hair mist that works to protect the hair as well!

moroccanoil perfume mist


The scent is a mixture of amber and florals, but it has a distinct spiciness to it that always makes me think of Moroccanoil. 


Miss Dior Hair Mist

The Miss Dior perfume has a hair mist version that is more hydrating for hair. It claims to leave hair shiny and I love the feminine florals of this scent. Bergamot, grass rose, and rosewood make this a very warm floral with a musky base. The florals are light and pleasant and it comes in a beautiful bottle.


It gives hair a pretty heavy dose of hydration so if you have fine hair spray once to test before spraying all over. You may need to reapply to get this one to last, but it’s a great scent that’s both young and also not too grown up.


Juliette Has a Gun Not a Hair and Body Mist

If you love Glossier You or other musky skin scents, you’ll love this one. This oil one of Juliette Has a Gun’s most popular scents—so popular they made it into a scent perfect for hair. It has 0% alcohol but smells just like the perfume version.

 hair quiz

The fragrance’s overall scent is thanks to Cetalox, a synthetic ingredient that smells at once woody, musky, and like amber. Cetalox also enhances other scents, so this is also a great scent to layer with other perfumes and mists.


Kayali Deja Vu White Flower Hair Mist

Huda Beauty’s fragrance arm Kayali is an alcohol-free formula with pantheon and camellia oil to nourish hair. But it is also an intoxicating floral scent. Notes of gardenia, white nectarine make this pleasantly floral with a sweet edge. 


This is a strong fragrance that you won’t need to spray too much of. This is great for a spring or summer scent if you want to smell sophisticated and feminine.   


Versace Dylan Turquoise Hair Mist

Versace actually has two hair mists at Sephora, the other one being Bright Crystal. I used to wear Bright Crystal all the time so while I am partial to that one, I’ve added Dylan Turquoise since it has a different scent profile to a lot of the other fragrances on this list. This mist is still floral but very fresh with notes of citrus and guava. It’s a bit lighter and sweeter than the original eau de toilette. It definitely gives off summer vacation on a beach faraway vibes.


Best Hair Fragrances at Sephora, Ranked Conclusion

Sephora doesn’t have a ton of hair and body mists or hair fragrances, but there’s a pretty good assortment here to choose from. There isn’t a diversity to them like there is with eau de parfums at Sephora as far as different scent profiles—most of these lean floral with notes of amber, musk, or sweetness. Hopefully their collection of hair perfumes will expand but in the meantime there are some good ones to be found!

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