How to Get Rose Gold Hair

How to Get Rose Gold Hair

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Rose gold hair is a color that seems at once both trendy and timeless in its appeal. It’s warm and sunny but insists on standing out, and it works so well on many different skin tones—but how do you get rose gold hair?


There are a few different ways to achieve this look, depending on what color you’re starting form and whether you’re trying this at home, the salon, and how permanent you want your results to be.


Whether you’re looking for a permanent all-over wash of rose gold color or your want to try out some semi-permanent rose gold balayage, this is a color that can be both fun and elegant.


How to Get Rose Gold Hair

With the popularity of rose gold in hair coloring, there are now a lot of options even if you want to get this look from home. Below are some of the different ways you can achieve this gorgeous color:


1. At the salon

At the salon your hair dresser can mix blonde hair dye with copper for a custom rose gold shade. These two colors give hair a warm pink hue with a creamy sandy base.


2. With at-home permanent dye

Looking to take the plunge at home into rose gold? There are a few options for permanent at-home color that come in a ready-made rose gold shade. Keep in mind that these shades will look best if you are starting from a hair color that is as light or lighter than your target shade.


rose gold hair at home


3. Semi-permanent hair coloring

Semi-permanent hair coloring options include demi-permanent hair dyes, color depositing conditioners, and hair glosses. These treatments can often be done at-home and often include conditions ingredients which will also give your hair a dose of shine to make your rose gold tint sparkle.


4. Highlights and Balayage

Not ready for an all-over change? Highlights and balayage are two ways to incorporate some rose gold into your hair without a full-on change.


How to Get Rose Gold Hair from Light Hair

Getting rose gold hair from blonde or light hair is the easiest place to start since it doesn’t require bleach to get to that light golden hue. Choose a color that is intended for blondes or those with light or silver hair. And make sure to perform a patch test first to make sure you like the color before dyeing your hair all over.

hair quiz 

How to Get Rose Gold Hair from Brown Hair

To get a true rose gold shade from brown hair, you will need to bleach it first. However if you want to turn your brown hair in to a brown-rose-gold shade that is unique to you, this is a fun twist on auburn that looks chic.


Brown hair looks especially good with rose-brown balayage or with rose gold highlights that complement your hair color without altering it completely.


Best Rose Gold Toners and Hair Dyes

Hally Color Cloud

The Hally Color Clouds are perfect for anyone wanting to easily trying out a fun hair color without the commitment. The color washes out in 4-6 weeks and their kits include all of the supplies you’ll need to get it done. Their Rose Gold shade is a gorgeous and fun shade which leans more pink.


Maria Nila Color Bomb

rose gold hair dye

I’m obsessed with these Color Bombs from Maria Nila which are a line of semi-permanent hair color masks that come in AMAZING colors! They are incredibly mixable as the line also includes a white shade meant just for mixing. Dusty Pink gives hair a lovely light pink tint, or you can pair Dusty Pink or Bright Copper with Peach, Sand, or White for a custom mix.


oVertone Original Rose Gold Coloring Conditioner

oVertone has a rose gold hair coloring conditioner for light hair as well as one for brown hair. After only 10-15 minutes on your hair will be transformed. If you want a more subtle tint of color, you can mix it with a regular hair mask to dilute the color.


Garnier Olia Ammonia-Free Permanent Hair Color

Garnier’s Olia line is a great line for permanent dye no matter which hair color you’re aiming for, but their Medium Rose Gold shade is to die for. It can take hair from light blonder to light brown into a balanced rose gold shade, and it also covers greys. If you want to take the plunge into all-over, permanent color from home, this is an awesome color.


How to Get Rose Gold Hair Conclusion

There are so many ways to get rose gold hair from home, but the key is choosing a great shade, doing a patch test, and working wit your current hair color. Once you’ve got your rose gold hair, maintain it with a color-treated shampoo and refresh it with a color depositing conditioner or hair gloss so you can keep your shade vibrant and sparkling.

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