Hair Tools and Hair Product Organization (This is a LIFE SAVER!)

Hair Tools and Hair Product Organization (This is a LIFE SAVER!)

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I love to organize, but hair product organization was something I avoided for a long time. I think this often happens when we have an organizing solution that works well some of the time but not all of the time, as happened to me. But it’s also the case the my hair product collection has been growing and outgrowing its storage! I was tired of the bathroom looking like a mess all the time so I put some research into how I could store my beauty products.


When I started doing some research I knew I’d have to find another space for all of my hair tools and hair products because my bathroom cabinets were full of other toiletries. A rolling cart wasn’t an obvious choice for me though, despite the fact that I actually have a few around the house for other purposes. I just never though of using it for my beauty products.


However it turns out it’s the perfect solution to be able to organize products in a small space, move them around when getting ready, and keep them out of sight when I’m not using them!

hair quiz 

My new beauty cart (I haven’t picked out a name for her yet!) carries all of my hair products, hair tools, skincare and makeup. With 4 tiers, I can fit nearly everything beauty-related that I use to get ready. Also, she’s perfect for anyone with a small apartment or a large house. 


Here’s how I’ve organized my beauty products, starting with the bottom tier!



Bottom Tier: Organizing Hair Styling Products

hair product storage containers

On the bottom tier of the cart, I have all of my hair styling products from hair mousse to hair oils to heat protectant.


I’ve used some clear storage containers to help organize my products. The storage containers are really useful to keep my products from falling over when I move the cart, but I love the convenience they give me when I’m getting ready. 


When I’m doing my hair, I know I have my most used products in there (like Color Wow Dreamcoat, Living Proof’s Thickening Mousse, and Kenra’s Silkening Gloss) and it’s super easy to just take out the clear storage container and put it on the bathroom counter for easy access.


One super key piece of advice I have for a beauty cart is to store items like this in a container so you can take them out easily. It can be a pain to keep looking for certain products in the cart, so keeping them together and ideally be able to pull out a box with your most used items is a game-changer.


3rd Tier: How I Organize Velcro Rollers, Rubber Bands, and Bobby Pins

hair product organizer for bedroon

The velcro rollers were the main reason I decided to overhaul my hair product organization. I couldn’t figure out how to store them and they were always sitting on my bathroom counter. A clear storage container is awesome here.


I first tried to to put some velcro on the beauty cart and stick the velcro rollers onto it, but they didn’t stick hard enough and kept falling off. It’s super useful to have them together in a clear storage container to take them all together.


This is also where I keep some basic hair accessories like bobby pins and rubber bands. I placed them at the edge of the cart so they’re easy to access.


2nd Tier: How I Organize Hair Accessories and Skincare

hair product organization for bathroon

On the second tier I have all of my skincare. I used some clear storage containers that aren’t as high since skincare bottles and tubes aren’t as high generally as hair products. 


I’ve also put some hair accessories here that I use less often like a black hair bow and white scrunchie.


How I Organize Hair Brushes

Organizing hair brushes was a tough one. I considered pencil holders but I was worried they would top over when the cart moved. I also considered laying them down in clear containers but that’s not the most accessible. 


These storage cups are perfect for make my brushes easy to access and they also leave more room in the cart for other stuff.

portable hair product organizer


How I Organize Hair Tools: Blow Dryer, Curling Iron, etc.

If you’ve looked on Amazon for hair tool organizers you’ll know that there are a lot, and it feels at this point like I’ve tried most of them (and there are even more options if you want to DIY it.) I’ve realized that it was less important which one I chose than where I chose to put it. Hanging the hot tool organizers off of the cart is perfect and these white ones are great. I bought two to fit all of my tools.


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Top Tier: Makeup Basket

makeup and hair product organzier

At the top I put my makeup basket. I use makeup more than my hair products so it made sense to put it at the top for the easiest access, but I had another reason for putting it on the top tier. 


I had been using a basket (mine is from Gathre and I love it) to store my makeup for a few months. I discovered it’s a great way to store your makeup if you don’t want to always do your makeup in the same place. You can carry a basket to different rooms if you’re watching kids or tv or you just don’t want to stand at your bathroom counter.


Products I Use to Organize My Hair Products

Here are some of the products I used to organize everything!


Rolling cart: 4 Tier Slim Storage Cart Mobile Shelving Unit 


Tall clear storage containers: ClearSpace Plastic Pantry Organization and Storage Bins


Short clear storage containers: STORi SimpleSORT 6-Piece Stackable Clear Drawer Organizer Set (I got both the 9x3x2” and the 3x3x2”)


Hot tools organizers: Polder Style Station


Brush holders: 4 Pcs Hanging Cup Holder


Basket: Gather Small Caddy (mine is the color Untanned)


And that’s how I organize my hair products and hair tools, as well as my makeup and skincare!

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