How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

There’s nothing more confidence-boosting to me than a thick-haired ponytail, but it turns out how to make thin hair look thicker if you’re not blessed with a bushy mane can be simpler than you might have thought. 


In middle school I had a friend lament to me that all she wanted was thick, full hour, but her limp fine hair would never look like that. I have to agree that thick hair with natural volume that looks full and lush feels like the ultimate effortless bombshell accessory.


There are lots of ways to get thick hair, some of which may come as a surprise (your shampoo doesn’t make too much of a difference here!) 


How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

The ways to make thin hair thicker can be divided into categories of low effort, tweaks of your normal routine, and styling products that can get you there quick. 


1. A blunt haircut

When your hair is cut straight without layers, the hair looks like it has more weight to it. Hair with lots of layers will make it look thinner overall.


2. Highlights

Highlights add a layer of dimension that add to the perception of your hair’s thickness. Strands that are slightly lighter than your hair color will make your hair look lifted, but more than that, highlights add some thickness to the strands because they become rougher as they are colored.

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3. Be careful with wet hair

Wet hair is your hair at its most fragile, and if you worry your hair looks too thin you;’ll want to make sure you take care of the hair you have so it doesn’t become thinner. This means not brushing your wet hair. Gently comb through your tresses with a wide-edged comb and use a leave-in conditioner in advance if your hair need some detangling.


4. Avoid heavy conditioners and hair masks

When it comes to haircare for thicker hair, less is more, especially if you’re using conditioners or hair masks that are meant to add hydration or moisture to the hair. These will only weight your hair down, making it appear flat and lifeless


5. Add some volume in your blow dry

Thick hair and voluminous hair aren’t synonymous, but they’re sisters, or cousins maybe. When you add lift and bounce to your hair, it will also appear as though you have more hair. Adding some hair mousse to your roots before you blow dry will add major lift and give thin hair life. Make sure to blow dry upwards or away from the head using a round brush or a blow dry brush.

how to make thin hair look thicker naturally
 The Living Proof Thickening Mousse is great for fuller hair


6. Tease your roots

This is a trick you can do to make your hair look thicker when you’re really in a hurry. Take your brush and holding a section of hair from the crown of your head, brush the hair lightly back towards your head. You’ll have an instant 60s French bombshell vibe that looks as effortless as it was.


7. Use a thickening spray

Finish your hair with a thickening spray which you can spray on dry hair. Dry shampoos have a similar effect of adding some volume to the roots and weightless grit for added texture.

how to make hair thicker for females

8. Embrace the side part

The side part sometimes goes out of fashion but it always comes back, in large part because it gives the hair much more lift than a middle part does. You can also flip your side part from side to side for added volume throughout the day. 


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Best Products to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker


Best Hair Mousse for Thicker Hair: Living Proof Thickening Mousse

This hair mousse from Living Proof is one of my favorites and it contains a hair thickening molecule which makes hair look thicker for 5x longer. I haven’t timed it myself but my hair feels lightweight and bigger after using it and is one of my go-to hair mousses.


Brush Set for Comb and Teasing: Mixed bristle brush


You don’t need to go the Mason Pearson route for a good mixed bristle brush that is great for teasing. This set also comes with a wide-toothed comb that is perfect for wet hair. 


Thickening Spray: BedHead Queen for a Day Thickening Spray

You can find a thickening spray at any price point but this classic from BedHead leaves hair looking fully without adding crunch or stickiness.


Best Thickening Spray for Hold and Volume: Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray

If you’re looking for undeniable thickness at any price, the Maximista Thickening Spray is it. It creates amazing body and it also gives your hair hold and it acts as a heat protectant. Use it on damp hair before blow drying. 


Best Dry Shampoo for Thicker Hair: Verb Dry Shampoo Light

Verb has a great under-the-radar dry shampoo that is meant for those with fine, thin hair. It is really lightweight and doesn’t weigh down hair. It also comes in a version for blonde and grey hair and another for those with dark hair.


That’s how to make thin hair look thinner! Try these steps altogether or a few at a time for great results.


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