Italian Hair Products for Gorgeous Italian Girl Hair

Italian Hair Products for Gorgeous Italian Girl Hair

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When it comes to global haircare, products from Japan, Sweden, France, and South Korea have been popular for years, sometimes even decades, but what about Italian hair products? Italian shoes, cars, wine, art and more are well-known high-quality exports but the hair products made in Italy by Italian brands have innovative formulas and amazing performance that still fly under the radar. 


The popular Italian phrase “la bella figura” captures how much Italians care about their appearance and that extends to hair with some products that are serious bangers. Italy has a pretty strong heritage in creating amazing hair brands with products that work for every hair type. Some of these are brands you may have heard of while others may be totally new, but these products are worth trying for their ability to repair damage, add silkiness and shine, and give you hold and flexibility in your hairstyles. 


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Italian Hair Products and Hair Type

Italians have a variety of hair types that extend from thick to thin and straight to curly. Many Italians have straight or wavy hair and 17% have curly hair (slightly above the average for Europe.) Italian hair products are made with this diversity in mind so many hair types can find products that will work for their needs. 


Italian Hair Products from the Best Italian Hair Brands

These are some of the most popular Italian brands, all of them started in Italy and manufactured there with high-quality and often native ingredients. The products highlighted are some of the standouts from their product lines for everything from repairing damaged and dry hair to giving flat hair a boost of volume. 



Davines is an Italian haircare brand, founded in 1983 in Parma, Italy. They’re one of the most popular hair brands in the world and are known for their focus on sustainability and sourcing of ingredients from Italian farmers. 


Davines Oi All-in-On Milk

If there’s any Davines line of products you must try, it’s their bestselling Oi products. They work for all hair types to give softness and shine. Their Oi All-in-On Milk is a multi-talker that detangles, adds softness ands shine, fights frizz, and protects hair from heat. It also smells AMAZING.


Davines Solu Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser

This sea salt scrub gives the scalp a deep cleanse while still being gentle. Using this once a week will make your hair cleaner for longer. It also claims to slightly texturize the hair. This is perfect for those with fine and/or oily hair. 


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Rossano Feretti Parma

Rossano Feretti is an Italian hair stylist who was famous for charging $1500 for a haircut(!) before starting his own line. His products are made in Italy out of 99% natural ingredients and come in chic black and white packaging. They’re also available in Sephora.


Rossano Feretti Parma Grandioso Extra Volume Shampoo

This is an incredible shampoo for those with thin hair (and you can buy a mini to try it out like I did!) It makes hair look thicker and feel stronger. His Intenso Smoothing Shampoo for Thick Hair has similarly good reviews for softening thick hair. 


Rossano Feretti Parma Brilliant Protect & Shine Hair Oil

This hair oil gets rave reviews for the glossy shine it gives hair. It’s also a protective oil, guarding hair from damage due to heat tools. It’s lightweight so it doesn’t leave hair greasy, only shiny, soft, and gorgeous. 


Alfaparf Milano 

Alfaparf Milano has been around for over forty years making Italian haircare, hair styling products, and hair color. They make products for hair professionals and have a product for seemingly every need. Their Semi di Lino Smooth line for smoother, less frizzy hair has some of their most popular products.


Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Sublime Cristalli Liquidi Smoothing Hair Serum

Another of Alfaparf’s bestsellers? Their smoothing serum from the Semi Di Lino line gives hair immediate glossy shine and protection with flaxseed oil and vitamin E. It’s great for curls or for anyone who wants to fight frizz with a minimal amount of product and make their hair look healthier fast.

Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Moisture Nutritive Sulfate Free Shampoo for Dry Hair

This shampoo is incredible for dry hair, with ingredients that supercharge your hair’s ability to retain water and give hair long-lasting shine. It has UV filters give your hair color extra color protection and leaves hair amazingly soft. If you have dry hair, this shampoo is a lifesaver.


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Baroness Cali Tarocco

The founders of this blood orange-inspired haircare line grew blood oranges on their family’s land in Sicily and use the fruit with its natural antioxidants in their hair products. 


Baroness Cali Tarocco Sicilian Blood Orange Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner works well for many hair types because it doesn’t leave you itchy or greasy. It’s fresh blood orange scent is to die for bust still subtle. The vitamin C in blood oranges promotes healthy hair and can even help with hair growth.


Pura Kosmetica

Pura Kosmetica focuses on using natural ingredients in their hair products in their factory on Lake Garda. 


Pura Pure Hydra Hydrating Mask

This hair mask from Pura is not just a moisturizing hair mask to keep strands hydrated but is chock full of anti-aging ingredients to help hair keep its structure and strength with age. Carob wood, cherry wood, and walnut wood nourish the hair and protect color. It’s also great for detangling and works for all hair types.


Italian Hair Products Conclusion

Italian hair products have serious innovation behind formulas that use natural ingredients from their own farms. But they are majorly-performance focused, aiming to give you incredible softness and shine that you can’t get from other products. 

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