4 Lip Balms Compared: Glossier Bomb Dot Com vs. Laneige Glossy Balm vs. Lanolips Lip Balm vs. Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

4 Lip Balms Compared: Glossier Bomb Dot Com vs. Laneige Glossy Balm vs. Lanolips Lip Balm vs. Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

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Lip balm is just one of those products you can’t be faulted for buying over and over again. They protect our lips by preventing water loss and keeping them moisturized, and many of us have one at home, one for the car, one at our desk, one in our purse (you get the idea.)


Whenever I need a new one, there’s always somethng new that’s come onto the market and I feel compelled to try them all. The four mentioned here are some of the most popular, and while they may seem very similar, they are not all created equal. Clear, glossy, lightweight hydration in an easy spreadable tube—yes, they all fit that bill. But which ones are best for you?


I take a look at how sticky, hydrating, and glossy they all are, as well as their taste and smell. So which one wins the lip balm battle?


Lip Balm Showdown: Glossier vs. Laneige vs. Summer Fridays vs. Lanolips

laneige glossy lip balm review

Laneige Lip Glowy Balm in Grapefruit

What Laneige is known for: Laneige is one of the most popular K-beauty lines in America. They use water-based ingredients in their skincare that give the skin a visible glow.
Flavors Available: Berry, Grapefruit, Peach, Pear, Gummy Bear


My Review of the Laneige Lip Glow Balm:

I went into this one with low expectation as I am not a huge fan of the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (it doesn’t deliver hydration for very long for me), but the Lip Glow Ball really surprised me! The grapefruit flavor smells like an orange creamsicle and goes on very soft, leaving a very high-shine finish.


It lasted really well on me, and while not quite an oil, it was only barely sticky. The Laneige Glossy Balm is very comfortable on the lips, smells nice, and gives my glossy, long-lasting hydration.

Stickiness: 2/5

Glossiness: 4/5

Hydration Level: 4/5

Overall: Buying one for car, home and purse!


lanolips lip ointment review

Lanolips Lip Balm in Coconutter

What Lanolips is known for: Lanolips is an Australian skincare company that started with lip care using lanolin and other simple ingredients.
Flavors Available (for their 101 Ointment): Coconut & Mango, Coconutter, Strawberry, Pear, Watermelon, Green Apple, Peach, Minty, Original


My Review of the Lanolips Lip Balm:

I love the slightly retro packaging of these lip balms and the simplicity of their formulations using lanolin. This lip balm went on a little thicker than the Laneige for example, and felt very hydrating. It has slight stickiness, but nothing that’s too much.


It had a pleasant coconut smell hat reminds me of summer but doesn’t smell cheap. The finish was glossy, but less like a lip gloss than and more like a traditional hydrating balm.

Stickiness: 3/5

Glossiness: 3/5

Hydration Level: 4/5

Overall: Love it for overnight or when I need some lip recovery.


 summer fridays lip balm review

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm in Vanilla

What Summer Fridays is known for: Summer Fridays is a California-based brand of skincare and makeup.
Flavors Available: Vanilla, Vanilla Beige, Pink Sugar, Brown Sugar, Poppy, Cherry


My Review of the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm:

I first bought the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm years ago when they have a different tube which they’ve thankfully changed out for something easier to spread. These balms are tinted, but the vanilla one might as well be clear for how it appears on the lips. It has a noticeable vanilla smell which I don’t mind despite not really like vanilla-scented lip care.


It’s lightweight, non-sticky and gives off light balmy shine that lasts for quite a long time. It’s a higher price, but worth it especially if you’re looking for something that will give your lips a definite tint of color (in all colors except for Vanilla). One of the least sticky formulas I’ve tried!

Stickiness: 1/5

Glossiness: 3/5

Hydration Level: 4/5

Overall: For those who hate any amount of stickiness or want a tint of color.


 glossier balm dot com lip balm summer fridays laneige

Glossier Bomb Dot Com in Birthday

What Glossier is known for: Glossier made their mark as a no-makeup makeup brand that is skin-focused.
Flavors Available: Lavender, Rose, Birthday, Mango, Mint, Original, Berry, Coconut, Wild Fig


My Review of Glossier Bomb Dot Com:

I really like the smell of the Birthday flavor and the shimmer that is unique to this color. This is not a super glossy balm and is thicker than some of the others, giving off a more old school lip balm texture.


The hydration was not the most long-lasting, and while the other flavors add a slight tint to the lips (Birthday is clear with shimmer), the scent of these lip balms is a bit cheap and underwhelming. On the plus side, it goes on very smooth.

Stickiness: 3/5

Glossiness: 2/5

Hydration Level: 2/5

Overall: The only I would likely not rebuy. :(


4 Lip Balms Compared: Glossier Bom Dot Com vs. Laneige Glossy Balm vs. Lanolips Lip Balm vs. Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm Conclusion

If I had to choose a favorite, I’d choose the Laneige Glow Balm for its high-shine finish and lightweight feel. I do feel though that the Lanolips and Summer Fridays lip balms have a place in my collection too.


I can’t wait to see what other flavors these lip balm lines will come out with next!

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