How to Dye Brown Hair Blue Without Bleaching It

How to Dye Brown Hair Blue Without Bleaching It

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Blue hair has been on-trend for quite some time now, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. From deep navy blues to bright pastel shades, there are so many variations of blue hair that can suit a wide range of styles and personalities, but what if you want to dye your brown hair blue without bleaching it?


Challenges of Dyeing Brown Hair Blue Without Bleaching

Dyeing brown hair blue can be challenging because the dark pigments in brown hair can be stubborn and resistant to color changes. In order to get a bright blue shade, brown hair does need to be lightened and requires bleach. Bleaching can damage hair and can't always be done all at once, not to mention how time-consuming and expensive it is.


It's also true that blue can fade fairly quickly on brown hair, especially if it hasn't been bleached. You can still achieve a beautiful blue color on brown hair if you have the right techniques, products, and the right expectations!


How to Dye Brown Hair Blue Without Bleaching It

how to dye brown hair blue

Here are some option for dyeing brown hair blue:

  1. Use a temporary hair dye: Temporary hair dyes come in spray or foam formats but you can also find hair chalks or hair mascaras which can give you a temporary blue tint. These kinds of hair color products are easy to wash out in the shower and perfect if you just want to give blue hair a test drive. 
  2. Try a blue hair gloss: A hair gloss is a semi-permanent hair color that can add shine and depth to your hair. Blue hair gloss can give your brown hair a subtle blue tint without the need for bleaching. However, hair gloss color can be pretty subtle and doesn't last as long as semi-permanent or permanent hair dyes.
  3. Use a blue-tinted hair conditioner: Color depositing conditioners have grown in popularity for their ability to tint hair in the shower while also giving hair softness and shine. They leave you hair feeling soft and looking shiny along with a nice blue shade. 


How long these last and how deep the color will depend on a number of factors like your current hair color, your hair type, and how long you keep the product in your hair. For the best coverage, make sure to section your hair before dyeing and follow the instructions on the product you use. 


Temporary Blue Hair Dyes for Dark Hair

oVertone Extreme Blue Hair Color Depositing Conditioner

oVertone Extreme Blue Hair Color Depositing Conditioner is a hair care product that is designed to add vibrant blue color to hair while conditioning and nourishing it. It’s easy to use and gives dark hair a dramatic blue tint.


IGK Color Depositing Mask in Dreams Come Blue

I’ve been a fan of the IGK Color Depositing Masks for a while because of how easy they are to use and the gorgeous color result. Their Dreams Come Blue shade deposits a vibrant blue color even onto dark hair while nourishing and conditioning it.


The mask is infused with ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil, and coconut oil, which help to hydrate and strengthen the hair. The color can also be intensified with repeated use.


Manic Panic Midnight Blue Semi Permanent Cream Hair Color

This affordable semi-permanent hair color gives hair a dark, dramatic shade of blue. It lasts 4-6 weeks and while it works better on lighter hair, dark hair will still get a nice tint of midnight blue.

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How to Dye Brown Hair Blue Without Bleaching It Conclusion

Overall, dyeing your dark or brown hair blue is possible if you find the right products and are ok with a result a bit less dramatic than you might get with bleached hair. Using a temporary hair dye to dye brown hair blue can be a fun and low-commitment way to try out a new look, without the risks and potential damage of using a permanent dye or bleach.


There's no denying that blue hair is a fun and trendy option that can help you stand out from the crowd. So go ahead and rock that blue hair with confidence!

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