5 Best Haircuts for 2A Hair

5 Best Haircuts for 2A Hair

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Figuring out the right haircut for 2A is a struggle! I’ve been through too many different haircuts for my 2A hair than I can count on a seemingly never-ending search for a cut that is low maintenance, and looks good both styled and unsettled.


Don’t get me wrong—I love having 2A hair. But it can be a bit temperamental, and a great haircut can give 2A hair structure, bounce and emphasize its natural volume.


At the same time, you want to also consider other factors, like your own personal style, your lifestyle, and your face shape. These can also play a role in how well any haircut will suit you. But given you have 2A waves, these are some haircuts that are likely to make the cut.


What is 2A Hair?

2A hair, according to the hair typing system, is the lowest of all the wavy hair hair types. It start as flat at the roots and becomes at the start of the mid-lengths. 2A is characterized by volume and a tousled appearance.


Compared to 2B hair, 2A is less wavy without waves at the route. 1C hair is thicker and has less of a wave than a slight bend to it.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of 2A Hair

For anyone trying to figure out what to do with their 2A hair, rest assured that this is one of the most versatile hair types! The natural volume that 2A has along with its lack of frizz mean that 2A hair can be low maintenance and doesn’t suffer from either the flatness or frizziness of other straight or wavy hair types.

 wavy hair chart

That being said, 2As can struggle with oiliness. 2A hair can often be fine, leading to excessive sebum production on the scalp. 2A hair can also have difficulty holding a style due to the looseness of the wave and relatively fine texture of the hair.


5 Best Haircuts for 2A Hair

long layers 2a hair

1. Layers, layers, layers

If you have short hair, layers. Shoulder-length hair, layers. Long hair, layers. You really can’t go wrong. The beauty of layers for 2A hair is that with the natural wave of 2A hair, layers add easy movement and lightness that also cuts out unnecessary heft and leaves hair springy and chic. Layers all around the hair add dimension and lightweight texture while also cutting down on some of the poofiness. Add some face-framing layers starting at chin-length for extra style.


2a hair curtain bangs

2. Curtain Bangs

Bangs are notoriously risky, but the exception here is curtain bangs. While regretful bangs can leave you stuck with unfortunate fringe for months, curtain bangs camouflage with the res of your hair. They frame the face without interfering or making a huge statement. On 2A hair, curtain bangs add volume to the front of the face and easily distract from any flatness at the roots and give hair a little shape and bounce with no styling required.


3. Shag

The Shag is a bold, confident haircut that requires a certain rebelliousness to pull off, but it’s a natural fit for many wavy hair types including 2A hair. The Shag is disheveled in a very 60s or 70s rock ’n roll wavy, looking both edge and carefree. It is characterized by layers that are choppy and feathered at the top and the sides. It is fuller at the top with less weight at the bottom of the hair, which is also perfect for giving 2A hair more volume at the top. The Shag can work for many different lengths of hair.


4. Voluminous Bob

A bob on 2A hair can be fun and easy. This is a haircut that gives off different vibes at different lengths. For example, an ultra-short bob ending just below the ear looks high fashion while a bob ending just below the chin can look carefree and easy. Either way, 2A hair’s natural oomph makes a bob look alive and it keeps hair from looking flat.


long pixie

5. Long Pixie

A long pixie benefits from the natural volume that 2A hair has, and is perfect for those wanting something ultra-low maintenance but French chic. A long pixie, is characterized by piecey, loose waves which  add interest and shape to short hair. It is easy to style and is a great on-the-go hairstyle that still gives you a chic edge. This is a haircut made for 2A hair!


Best Haircuts for 2A Hair Conclusion

It’s not easy to find the right haircut, but hopefully these give you some ideas for how to spice up your hair by taking advantage of your natural texture. By using your hair’s natural volume and loose tousled waves, you can easily find a cut that gives your hair an effortless and chic look. Try one of these the next time you sit down in a salon chair and you won’t be disappointed!

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