Why Hair Makes A Bigger Difference Than Skincare Or Makeup

Why Hair Makes A Bigger Difference Than Skincare Or Makeup

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When it comes to beauty YouTube channels, beauty brands, and probably our own beauty routines, skincare and makeup tend to take up the lion’s share of our focus and our wallets. And well, having clear, gorgeous skin and an immaculately beat face is definitely key to a glam look. But hair makes a huge difference in how we look, and yet we tend to give hair less attention than we do skincare or makeup.


There are a few reasons for this from what I can tell (and beware this article is full of mainly my opinions!):


Doing your hair is harder than makeup or skincare

Skincare is easy to apply and makeup gives makes an instant different, whereas hair can often require a bit of actual work. From holding up the blowdryer to the heat coming off your styling tools, doing your hair can be an actual workout! For those without a lot of time or disabilities, doing your hair can be challenging.


More trial and error is required to use products correctly

With skincare, using too many or the wrong products can often leave you no worse off than you were before (allergic reactions notwithstanding.) And while we’ve all tried a skincare product that doesn’t work quite like it said it would, layering hair products is something of an art. I hate the feeling of hair that’s become too oily or crunchy or heavy when layering the wrong products.


With makeup, there’s definitely some skill and practice required to get the look right, but if you mess up that eyeliner you can easily correct it with a little makeup remover. Hair products aren’t so forgiving.


There’s less education around haircare

Makeup tutorials are everywhere on social media and we’ve been awash in education about skincare for a while. Even the most obscure ingredients get their screen time from influencers eager to explain how they help with dark spots or dry skin. But the world of haircare can seem a little more opaque, with fewer haircare experts explaining to the masses and less research for haircare overall.


But none of this is any reason to give up! If anything, I wanted to figure out how to make doing my hair easy and simple so I could have great hair all the time. After all there are a lot of reasons why it’s worthwhile to focus on your hair (in addition to your skincare and makeup routines!)


Why Hair Makes A Bigger Difference Than Skincare Or Makeup

1. Great hair with a bare face always look chic

Even if you’re makeup-less or having a bad skin day, having great hair can make you look put together. Most hairstyles can complement a natural face look or something super glam, but no matter whether you’re wearing makeup or not, having great-looking hair can make you look like you’ve got it all together.


2. Hair can help emphasize or obscure your face shape

There are so many options for hairstyles, hair colors, hair lengths, and hair parts, and picking the right hairstyle can make a huge difference in how your whole face looks! Different face parts can suit different face shapes, perhaps making a round face look less round (if that’s what you want) or making a long oval shape face look less long (again, if that’s what you want!)

is hair more important than makeup 

Picking a hair color that suits your skin tone, and a cut that works with your face and bone structure can not only affect how you express yourself to the world, but it can give your face the illusion of a changed structure.


3. Hair is the ultimate confidence booster

For me at least, I rarely feel more confident than when I’ve just left the salon. Because hair is the first thing people tend to notice about us, having great hair that looks and feels good makes a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves.


4. Hair is the ultimate anti-aging tool

Just as hair affects our face shape, the color, cut, and style of our hair can affect how old we look. And it’s not just about covering up greys or hair length either! Different eras see different hairstyles come into popularity and picking a hairstyle that is slightly trendy can affect how old you seem.


5. Your hair is the most memorable thing about your appearance

Would you believe me if I said that hair is the most memorable about someone’s appearance, even over their skin or face? Of course, it can depend on the person, but generally hair is one of the most prominent and memorable parts of a person’s appearance. If you want to make an impact with your appearance, using your hair to communicate sophistication, rebelliousness, or uniqueness is going to be one of the most effective ways you can do it.


Why Hair Makes A Bigger Difference Than Skincare Or Makeup Conclusion

Hair is the ultimate confidence booster and for good reason: having good hair can dramatically change our appearance and affect the way that we are seen by others. When it comes to self-expression, we all have a particular way we want to telegraph who we are to the world, and choosing the right hairstyle, cut and color is a great way to communicate that quickly. So what do you think, are you convinced hair makes more a difference than skincare or makeup?

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