7 Best Lightweight Hair Oils (for Fine, Medium, and Low Porosity Hair)

7 Best Lightweight Hair Oils (for Fine, Medium, and Low Porosity Hair)

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Hair oils are one of the most commonly used hair products for how versatile they are. They can add shine, tamp down frizz, and add moisture to hair. They can be used on wet and dry hair, and the right amount of oil used regularly can keep hair looking and feeling healthy.


But if you have fine or medium hair, you’ve probably had the experience of using a hair oil that made your hair greasy, flat and lifeless. And if you have low porosity hair, a heavy hair oil can sometimes sit on top of your strands instead of penetrating, adding little moisture to your hair while weighing your hair down.


In addition, people with fine, medium, and low porosity hair may be more prone to having oily scalps, which can be exacerbated by heavy oils. Using lightweight oils can help to balance the natural oils on the scalp without adding excess oil or buildup to the hair.


Lightweight hair oils are typically more easily absorbed by the hair and scalp, and they tend to have a lighter consistency that won't leave a heavy or greasy residue. This makes them ideal for people with fine, medium, and low porosity hair who want to add moisture, shine, and nourishment to their hair without weighing it down.


These are some of the best lightweight hair oils that will give your hair shine without the grease.


Why Fine or Low Porosity Hair Needs Lightweight Hair Oils

Using a lightweight hair oil is recommended for fine or low porosity hair because these hair types can easily become weighed down and greasy if heavy oils are used. Fine hair has a smaller diameter than other hair types and can become easily weighed down, making it look flat and lifeless. Low porosity hair has a tightly closed cuticle layer that can make it difficult for oils and other hair care products to penetrate and absorb, leading to buildup and greasiness.


A lightweight hair oil, on the other hand, is designed to be easily absorbed into the hair without leaving a heavy or greasy feeling. These oils are typically made with lighter, more easily absorbed oils that can penetrate the hair shaft without weighing it down or causing buildup. Using a lightweight hair oil can help to add moisture and shine to the hair without weighing it down, making it look and feel healthy and voluminous.


7 Best Lightweight Hair Oils

Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil

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Olaplex’s hair oil is not just a good oil for those looking to repair damaged hair with bond building technology. It’s an amazing light-as-air hair oil that is super effective for adding moisture and shine. First, it is made with a unique blend of natural oils, including jojoba, sunflower, and moringa, which are all known for their lightweight and easily absorbed properties. These oils work together to deeply nourish and hydrate the hair without weighing it down or leaving a greasy residue.


Verb Ghost Oil

Verb’s Ghost line is aimed at those looking for lightweight hair products and their hair oil is one of the best products in this line-up. Verb Ghost Oil is versatile and can be used on both wet and dry hair, making it a great option for people who want to add moisture to their hair throughout the day. It is designed to help reduce frizz, smooth the hair, and add shine. This makes it an excellent choice for people with fine, medium, or low porosity hair who want to achieve a sleek, polished look without weighing down their hair.

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Kerastase Elixir Ultima Original Oil

The Kerastase Elixir Oil is a classic which is great for so many hair types because of the deep moisture it provides. But this isn’t a heavy oil. It makes hair way smoother without adding residue and is especially good for low porosity hair because of its ability to deeply hydrate.


Nexxus Clean & Pure 5-in-1 Invisible Oil for Frizzy Hair

I’ll admit: it’s hard to find a good drugstore hair oil that isn’t super thick. This one from Nexxus is one of the best ones I’ve found at an affordable price that does a good job of tamping down frizz while also feeling fairly weightless on the hair. It uses coconut and almond oil to add shine, smoothness, nourishment, and frizz protection to hair, as well as color protection.


JVN Shine Drops

JVN Shine Drops is a great hair care product that provides deep hydration, nourishment, and shine to the hair, leaving it looking and feeling healthy and sleek. It is a great choice for people who want to add shine and luster to their hair while keeping it lightweight and easy to manage. Only a few drops are needed to add shine to the hair. It can also be used as a finishing product to smooth and tame frizz, leaving the hair looking sleek and polished.


Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Working Serum

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Kristin Ess has amazing weightless products and this working serum is especially popular among those with fine and medium hair for how thin is. It tames frizz and adds shine at an affordable price for a hair oil.


Moroccanoil Treatment Light

Moroccanoil’s Treatment has been one of their most popular products for years, so it was to fine-haired peoples delight when they came out with a “Light” version of their treatment. It uses argan oil, a lightweight oil that is key to many products in their Moroccanoil line. Second, Moroccanoil Treatment Light is specifically designed for fine or light-colored hair, making it a great choice for people with fine, low porosity hair. It is lightweight and easily absorbed, leaving the hair feeling soft, smooth, and manageable.


Best Lightweight Hair Oils Conclusion

Ultimately, trying a lightweight hair oil can be a great way to introduce moisture, shine, and nourishment to your hair without compromising its volume or leaving a heavy residue. It can be a valuable addition to your hair care routine, promoting healthy and vibrant-looking hair.

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