7 Best Blowout Products for Fine Hair

7 Best Blowout Products for Fine Hair

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There are a lot of products out there that promise a smooth and shiny blowout that lasts all day, but if you have fine hair you know how easily they can leave your hair a greasy, crunchy mess. Lots of products on the market claim to be lightweight, but the best blowout products for fine hair are able to balance lightweight moisture and protection with a long-lasting hold.


I’ve been through too many products promised a smooth finish, only to leave my hair heavy and greasy. Fine hair can be easily weighed down, and while you want your hairstyle to last, you don’t want to have your hair to feel like straw at the ends of the day. 


These products are some of the best blowout products for fine hair that I’ve tried. Just so we’re on the same page, we’ll start with what you should be looking for in a blowout product for fine hair.


What products does fine hair need for a blowout?

Buying hair products is confusing, at least it’s been that way for me in the past. There are products for every niche concern and it’s hard to know which products you should buy and which are unnecessary.


If you have fine hair and want a good blowout you probably want the following: heat protection, volume, hold, and smoothing (to take care of frizz.) Some products will take care of many or all of these tasks, while some will just focus on one.


I like to find products that are multi-taskers because the fewer products I have in my hair the less weighed down, greasy, and crunchy it will become. With my fine hair, I’ve found less is more, so I wanted to find some of the products that do the most for me while still feeling as invisible as possible in the hair.


7 Best Blowout Products for Fine Hair

blowout products for fine hair

Best Heat Protectant: Davines Melu Hair Shield

Heat protectant is an essential for anyone using hot tools on their hair (or for when you’re in the sun.) They provide a barrier between your hair and the heat to keep your hair from drying out and developing frizz.


This heat protectant from Davines is very lightweight when you use only a couple of sprays. After blow drying with this stuff in my hair, my hair is notably softer without any crunchy feel at all. Use this on your mid-lengths and ends to keep them soft and moisturized.


Best Blowout Spray: Amika Brooklyn Blowout Spray

blowout spray fine hair

Multi-tasking products are essential for a good fine hair blowout. This blowout spray for Amika gives light moisture, volume, and shine. I use heat protectant with this one to avoid and hot tool damage. This spray is very lightweight and does all the styling I need when I blow dry my hair.


Texturizing Spray: Verb Dry Texturizing Spray

texturizing spray fine hair

If you’re frustrated with your styled hair not lasting all day but don’t want to use something as heavy as hairspray, texturizing spray is the answer. Yes, it texturizes hair, giving it a bit more thickness and a slightly tousled look, but it also gives light hold that is still touchable.


This formula is lightweight so you can apply without worrying about weighing down your strands or ending up with a helmet of hairspray.


Styling Cream: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment

styling cream fine hair

The multi-tasker to rule them all is this styling cream by Living Proof. Seriously, it does everything: volumizes, smoothes, protects against heat, adds shine, and conditions hair. Make sure to use a SMALL amount. You don’t need to much to get the job done and using too much will make your hair sticky. In the right amounts though this stuff is amazing.


Smoothing Blowout Spray: ColorWow Dream Coat

ColorWow’s Dream Coat is so popular I wrote about some of the best dupes for it. Dream Coat is great for fine hair because of how lightweight it is (and they’ve made a version now for those with coarser hair.)


You’ll need to saturate your hair with this, but you can’t overdo it as it feels completely weightless and gives hair the most incredible shine. It also protects against heat and tamps down frizz. This is the best product for glass hair, hands down.


Hair Primer: Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Hair Primer

hair primer fine hair

Hair primers are great multi-tasking products that prepare your hair for styling. This one from Eva NYC detangles, protects against heat and frizz, softens and adds shine, and cuts drying time.


This hair primer is a little heavier but it does give hair great shine. This is a great affordable primer that does so many things so I couldn’t not mention it.


Anti-Frizz Blowout Cream: Redken Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame Heat Protectant

If you are dealing with a ton of frizz, this product works amazing to tamp it down while also protecting against heat. Creams like this one tend to be thicker and penetrate more easily than a spray, meaning that if you use too much you can end up with some greasiness. Use sparingly on the mid-lengths and ends before styling (but you can also use it after styling too for a little extra smoothing.)

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Best Blowout Products for Fine Hair Conclusion

Fine hair can also have hair last without greasiness and crunchiness! Look for a product that solves all the problems you have, whether its frizz, or volume, or lack of shine.


Multi-tasking products are amazing for fine hair, but combining a few lightweight products can give you the coverage you need for heat protection while also giving you the long-lasting and smooth blowout you deserve!

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