5 Steps to Prevent Frizzy Hair While Sleeping

5 Steps to Prevent Frizzy Hair While Sleeping

If you’re waking up in the morning to discover your hair is massively or even a little frizzy, I feel your pain. Frizz can stop you from having a good hair day, but preventing frizzy hair while you’re sleeping is easier than you think.


Frizz can be caused by a number of issues, but common causes are a lack of moisture, friction causing the hair to move in different directions, and being in overly moisture-rich environments (also known as humidity.) Frizz is more common in wavy, curly, and coily hair types. The curlier hair is, the most likely it is to suffer from dryness that leave it vulnerable to frizz.


No matter what your hair type, all these causes of frizz can be blocked by taking care of your hair and ensuring it is protected from friction and damage and it’s given the proper conditioning. Follow these steps to wake up in the morning with smooth, frizz-free hair.


How to Prevent Frizzy Hair While Sleeping

1. Make sure hair is dry before getting in bed

To make your hair the smoothest it can be when wake up, air dry your hair before bed. Applying heat to your hair in the form of a blow dryer (or curling iron or flat iron) can leave your overly dry and damaged which makes it more prone to frizz.


Going to bed with wet hair also leaves your hair in a vulnerable state as you toss and turn, applying friction to your hair. Make sure to go to bed once your hair is fully dry.


2. Use a leave-in conditioner

If your hair is super dry, give it an all-over spritz of leave-in conditioner before you put your head on your pillow. The moisture from a leave-in conditioner will be lightweight enough to not wet your hair while also giving your hair some healthy conditioning ingredients that it can soak in overnight.


3. Use a hair oil or an overnight hair mask on your ends

Overnight is a great opportunity to give your hair some extra hydration and TLC. Use some hair oil on your lengths and mid-lengths to keep your hair soft and protected from breakage. Overnight hair masks are specially formulated to give your hair added hydration while you sleep. Apply to your ends and mid-lengths before bed and wake up to smoother, frizz-free hair.


overnight hair masks

If you’re looking for some recommendations, I wrote an article detailing some of the best overnight hair masks to keep your hair moisturized while you sleep.


4. Use a protective hairstyle

 prevent frizz overnight
Buns and loose braids are two protective styles you can wear overnight 

Protective hairstyles protect your hair from the elements, humidity, and friction while sleeping. These hairstyles keep hair together and tucked away. Some samples include loose braids, low ponytails, loose buns, and French braids.


 5. Wrap your hair in a silk cap or use a silk pillowcase

Whether you wear your hair in a protective style to sleep or not, putting your hair in a silk cap or using a silk pillowcase is great fro reducing friction on your hair and leaving your hair smooth and soft. Using silk on your hair while you sleep also prevents breakage in addition to frizz )and they’re also great for your skin!)

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Preventing Frizzy Hair While Sleeping Conclusion

My frizzy morning hair disappeared when I started following these steps. Giving your hair some extra moisture before you sleep and keeping your hair protected with a protective hairstyle and a silk pillowcase have been game changers which allow me to get out of the door so much faster. If you’re looking for a place to start, I’d recommend investing in a good overnight hair mask and wearing a protective hairstyle to bed. These two steps alone will have a major impact on your frizz.

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