Why Is My Hair So Shiny After I Dye It?

Why Is My Hair So Shiny After I Dye It?

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If you’ve ever noticed your hair was extra shiny after dyeing it, it might not be your imagination. Read on for a few reasons why your hair might be giving off some high-shine reflectivity after you’ve colored it.


Why Is My Hair So Shiny After I Dye It?

1. Your hair dye could be formulated with a gloss

Hair gloss is a standalone product that you can get as a treatment at a salon or use at-home to make your hair super glossy and smooth. They come in clear or with color tints to deposit a small amount of dye to your hair to give you hair a vibrant color shift. Some hair dyes can be formulated to include a gloss, leaving your colored hair extra shiny and smooth.


2. Your hair dye could have conditioning ingredients, especially if semi-permanent

Hair dye generally leaves your hair drier because the dye blocks your natural oils from traveling down the strands as normal. However, some hair dyes are formulated to contain conditioning ingredients, giving your hair an extra dose of moisture.


3. The deep conditioner that comes with box dye makes hair shiny

Many home box dyes come with a deep conditioner to put on your hair after rinsing out the hair color (and are to be used periodically to retain color.) These mega-moisturizing conditioners give hair a softer feel and a smoother and shinier appearance.

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4. Dying your hair darker makes it appear shinier because dark hair is more reflective

If you’ve dyed your hair darker, it’s likely this has caused your hair to look shinier. Darker colors are more reflective than lighter ones, so the darker you’ve colored your hair the shinier it will be.


How do I lengthen the amount of time my dyed hair is shiny?

1. Apply a Hair Gloss

Hair gloss typically lasts for a few weeks and can give your hair a lift in addition too shine. Giving yourself a hair gloss treatment every few weeks will make sure your strands stay glossy.


2. Use a Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Sulfate-free shampoos prevent color-fade and keep your color-treated locks vibrant. Sulfates can strip away your hair color which can make it duller faster.

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3. Always Use Heat Protection

Heat protection, whether from hot tools or the sun, is key to keeping your color-treated hair shiny and beautiful. The heat can turn hair color brassy and cause it to fade faster, not to mention leave your hair dull and lacking in shine.


4. Deep Condition Weekly

Because hair dye can leave your hair drier, adding in an extra dose of moisture once a week will add back that hydration and make your hair soft and reflective. Regular deep conditioning treatments also keep your hair healthy by making sure your mid-lengths and ends don’t become too dry.

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Why Your Hair is Shiny After Dyeing It Conclusion

No matter how shiny your color-treated is after dyeing it, it’s important to maintain it by washing with a sulfate-free shampoo, deep conditioning every once in a while, and protecting it from heat. This will keep your hair healthy, vibrant, and full of beautiful shine.

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