Why You Should Exfoliate an Itchy Scalp

Why You Should Exfoliate an Itchy Scalp

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Exfoliating is a common way to glowing skin whether on your face or on your body, but it’s also a great way to keep your scalp healthy. Our scalps can easily become resting places for all kinds of residue from product buildup or oil, causing our follicles to clog and scalp to suffer.


Exfoliating is a great way to give your scalp some life, and the effects can be enormous. Shiny hair, improved hair growth, and a scalp that is soothed from irritation. Read below to learn more about how to exfoliate to soothe your itchy scalp.


Why You Should Exfoliate an Itchy Scalp

Exfoliation can help take care of the residue that is trapped on your scalp which can lead to an itchy scalp. And if you have dandruff, exfoliating can remove the flakes which cause discomfort and seemingly unending agitation.


But the benefits of exfoliating an itchy scalp don’t end there. Exfoliation unclogs hair follicles which, when clogged, can cause scalp irritation. Not only that, but unclogged hair follicles can help with hair growth as well.


Regular exfoliation can bring about improved blood circulation in the scalp which keeps the scalp healthy and is thought to help with hair growth. It can also help other scalp products like serums, oils or tonics absorb better.


What to Use to Exfoliate an Itchy Scalp

There are different products you can use to exfoliate your scalp, ranging from extremely gentle to those that give a more intense physical exfoliation, but it’s important to look for something that won’t be too harsh and cause more irritation. These are some great options to use as exfoliants:

 scalp scrub for itchy scalp

Scalp Scrubs and Scalp Scaling Products

These are formulated to remove dead skin and buildup to unclog hair follicles and lead to a healthier scalp. Look for something gentle that also contains ingredients that are intended to soothe like aloe vera or witch hazel.

scalp massagers

Scalp Massagers or Brushes

Scalp massagers and brushes give your scalp light exfoliation and improve circulation. Using a scalp massager with your shampoo can help it better penetrate to give your scalp a deep clean. Just be careful not to rub too hard.

apple cider vinegar rinse for itchy scalp

Hair Rinses

A vinegar rinse is a great way to give your scalp a very gentle exfoliation a few times a week. Using apple cider vinegar mixed into water is a great DIY solution that won’t irritate your scalp further. Apple cider vinegar removes buildup and soothes at the same time.

DIY Sugar Scrub

If you’re looking to make a physical exfoliate out of items you have at home, mix an oil (jojoba or olive oil are good choices) with some sugar. Massage gently into your scalp and be sure to rinse thoroughly. Olive oil is quite thick and jojoba oil is a thinner oil, so make sure to choose something that’s right for your hair type.


Do You Exfoliate Scalp Wet or Dry?

It’s better to exfoliate your scalp when it’s wet because the scalp is softer which makes it easier to remove dead skin and buildup. A wet scalp also makes it easier to spread the product more evenly. It also makes it less likely to cause further irritation on your scalp.


How to Exfoliate an Itchy Scalp

1. Start with wet hair

To exfoliate, jump in the shower and get your hair wet until both your scalp and hair are completely saturated.


scalp scaler for itchy scalp

2. Apply the scalp scrub, scalp massager, hair rinse, and massage it in

Each product will have slightly different instructions, but you want to generally focus the exfoliant on your scalp, moving in all circular patterns all over your head. Move slowly and gently and make sure to cover as much of your scalp as you can with these motions.


3. Finish with shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner can finish the job by giving you a gentle cleanse and some moisture to your hair. Exfoliating your scalp before you wash your hair also allows you to fully wash out and rinse the exfoliant with the shampoo.


Why You Should Exfoliate an Itchy Scalp Conclusion

Having an itchy scalp is unbearable but the problem can typically go away quite quickly with some sort of exfoliation. There are a lot of solutions at beauty stores, the drugstore, and in your own kitchen, so go ahead and try some of these methods to see what suits you best!

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