Why The T3 Hot Rollers Are My Most Used Hair Tool (Review)

Why The T3 Hot Rollers Are My Most Used Hair Tool (Review)

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I love a bouncy 90s blowout a la Cindy Crawford but it takes time and skill we don’t all have. There are so many ways to achieve a blowout, whether you want loose waves or tighter curls, but not all methods are created equal!


Hot rollers have become my go-to for quick and easy curls that give my hour polish, bounce and volume. I tried several hot roller sets before trying the T3 hot roller set three years ago and it’s without a doubt the hair tool I use the most to style my hair. Blow dryer, velcro rollers, curling iron, flat iron, thermal brush—all of these get thrown to the wayside when I’m in a hurry, and even when I’m not.


I’ll go over some of my favorite benefits of the T3 hot roller set in this post, as well as some of things I’d change about it. And I’ll walk you through how I use them for an easy blowout.


T3 Hot Rollers Review

I love the T3 hot roller set for how convenient it is, but there are plenty of other benefits. They are quick to heat up, they limit damage to my hair, they are easy to hold in place on my head compared to other hot roller sets I’ve tried, and you have the option to buy extra rollers if needed.


Hot rollers in general are a great hair tool that were more popular decades ago but recently they’ve had a renaissance. Hot rollers heat up on a platform which you can then roll into your hair, similar to velcro rollers. They often come with clips to clasp them into place until they’ve cooled.


They require very little skill, and unlike velcro rollers they don’t cause velcro-induced tangles. They’re a great choice for anyone looking for something fool-proof and quick.


T3 Hot Roller Specifications

The T3 Hot Roller set comes with 8 rollers—four 1.5 inch and four 1.75 inch rollers. The rollers are wrapped in smooth velvet flocking that doesn’t stick to your hair. Eight clips are included as well as the heating platform and a back case.

 t3 hot roller sizesOn the left are 1.5" rollers, and the right shows a 1.75" roller (clips are all the same size)


I’ve purchased some extra 1.5 inch rollers separately, and extras are available to buy in four sizes—1 inch, 1.25 inch, 1.5 inch, and 1.75 inches.


What I Like About The T3 Hot Rollers

There are several things that make the T3 Hot Rollers my favorite hair tool, compared to other hair tools as well as other hot roller sets:

  • Quick to heat up (and center circle of hot rollers changes colors to indicate when they’re ready)
  • Easy to use
  • Set comes with several sizes
  • More hot rollers available to purchase separately
  • Clips are sturdy and hold hot rollers in place
  • 1.75 inch rollers are larger than most hot rollers and gives voluminous waves
  • Velvet-flocking hot rollers are smooth and don’t add frizz to my hair
  • Case is useful for travel
  • Hot rollers don’t get as hot as a curling iron and so damage hair less
are the t3 hot rollers worth itWhen the hot roller are ready to use, the center dot turns white (as pictured)


What I Don’t Like About The T3 Hot Rollers

Nothing is perfect, so here’s what I’d change about the T3 hot rollers:

  • I wish they sold 2 or 2.25 inch hot rollers
  • The set comes with only 8 hot rollers which is probably enough for those with short or very fine hair, but many will need more than this
  • The lower heat of hot rollers means the curls won’t last as long without hold-enhancing products
  • I’ve noticed that after the readiness indicators are on, the hot rollers continue to heat up a bit


How I Use the T3 Hot Rollers (SUPER Detailed!)

This is how I use the T3 hHot Roller set to get a long-lasting bouncy blowout:

1. Heat Protectant and Styling Cream: I always want to protect my hair from heat! Using a frizz-protection styling cream makes sure my hair starts of smooth.


2. Blow Dry: My hair is naturally pretty wavy, so blow drying my hair when wet, or wetting my waves to then blow dry, helps me start with a straighter and more polished base.


3. Section Hair: I don’t go crazy with sectioning; but it helps to have my separated into bottom, middle, and top. Keeping your sections clean will ensure a clean result.


4. Apply Texturizing Spray: I spray texturizing spray on each section on hair just before I put it in the roller. This gives me light hold so my hair doesn’t fall out by the end of the night. It also gives some texture and volume to my hair.


5. Start at the Top: I like to start with the top section (Some like to start with the bottom.) I like to use the 3 of the larger hot rollers starting at the front of my face going towards the crown of my head.


When placing the hot roller, I grab it by the rims since those parts are not hot. I place the ends of my hair on the roller and roll it underneath the hair slowly. While I do this I guide the hair with my other hand so it stays centered on the roller. Once the roller is tight on my head, I apply the clip, generally with the clip handle facing straight up as that it is typically the sturdiest positioning for it, but that will depend on


6. Go around the middle and then the bottom: I use the smaller 1.5 inch rollers around the sides and center of my head. I finish up the bottom with the rollers I have left and wait.


7. Wait for the rollers to cool: You can wait 10-30 minutes for the rollers to cool, but I like to wait until I can feel the hot rollers have cooled down completely.


8. Take out the rollers and let them sit: I undo the rollers, minimizing tangles, and then let my curls sit for as long as I can without touching them. This helps the curls set even more.


9. Brush through and add more texturizing spray: I run my fingers through my hair to break apart the curls and then sometimes I’ll add some more texturizing spray for add volume and hold.


t3 hot roller review 

Who Should Use the T3 Hot Rollers

The T3 Hot Rollers are amazing for anyone wanting a blowout quickly, but different hair types may have to use them differently. Those with long or thick hair will likely need to use the larger rollers. Some with curly and thick hair have difficulty with velcro rollers because the velcro causes frizz-that’s not an issue with these hot rollers (or most hot rollers, really.)


T3 Hot Rollers Review Conclusion

Î’m obsessed with these hot rollers and while they’re one of the most expensive sets out there, I also think they’re one of the best. They are high quality, easy to use, and customizable by roller size. Who else thinks hot rollers need to make a comeback?!

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