How to Use Blue Shampoo For Brunettes (Plus the 5 Best)

How to Use Blue Shampoo For Brunettes (Plus the 5 Best)

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I love a good hair color hack, and transforming your brunette locks from brassy and orange to a cool and rich chocolate is easy if you know how to use blue shampoo. I love it as an easy way to revive your hair color without using any hair dye.


Blue shampoo is the less-talked about counterpart to purple shampoo which keeps blonde hair from appearing yellow and brassy. Since purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel, purple cancels out yellow. Since brown hair is more likely to appear orange than yellow, blue (which is opposite of orange on the color wheel) is ideal for cancelling brassy and orange tones in brown hair. 


Blue shampoo requires a bit more care than usual shampoo to get the best results, so we have all the details for you here to get the most out of your blue shampoo, plus five of the best blue shampoos at every price.


How to Use Blue Shampoo 

Because blue shampoo is both as cleanser and a toner, you’ll want to follow some guidelines for use that are different than for a regular shampoo. To use blue shampoo:


1. Wet your hair

Wet your hair in the shower. If your hair is very resistant to color, using it on dry hair will allow the blue shampoo to penetrate deeper.

2. Lather

 Lather the blue shampoo on your head, just as you would with regular shampoo

3. Leave for 3-10 minutes

Leave on your head for 3-10 minutes (as directed on the packaging). 

4. Rinse

Rinse out and follow with a conditioner or better yet, a hair mask to combat the drying effects of blue shampoo.


How long do you leave blue shampoo on your hair?

Most blue shampoos will require you to leave it on your hair for 3-10 minutes after lathering.


best blue shampoo for brown hair

Since blue shampoo is depositing color-toning pigment, it needs to rest on your hair for longer than regular shampoo which can simply be rinsed out after lathering. 


How often should I use blue shampoo? 

Blue shampoo is a bit more finicky than regular shampoo, and since it adds pigment to your hair, you will want to use it less than your regular shampoo. Use a blue shampoo once a week to maintain your brown color. Using blue shampoo too often can cause your hair to become dry. 


Can you leave blue shampoo on too long?

Yes, you can. Leaving blue shampoo on for a few minutes allow the blue pigment to neutralize brassy and orange tones, but leaving blue shampoo on for hours will cause it to sink in further and give your hair a blue tint. Follow the instructions on the back of your specific blue shampoo for the best results. 

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Do you use conditioner after blue shampoo? 

After rinsing out your blue shampoo, you will want to use a conditioner. Since blue shampoo is by its nature very drying on the hair, using a hair mask immediately following will add back into your hair some moisture. 


How long does it take to see results after using blue shampoo?

You should results from blue shampoo after one use. Those with very brassy hair may take a little longer to notice a difference. If your hair is very brassy, try using it every other day, then switch to using it weekly for maintenance.


5 Best Blue Shampoos 

Eva NYC Brass to Sass Brunette Shampoo

how often to use blue shampoo

Eva NYC’s Brass to Sass Brunette Shampoo deposits color on brunette hair for a cooler tone and adds shine, all at a drugstore price. It has a lovely scent and a matching conditioner for extra color and nourishment.


Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo

The Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo lasts through 12 washes and neutralizes brassy and orange tones. In addition to helping manage brunette color, it also makes hair shinier, smoother and 2x stronger. Their Color Balance Blue Conditioner has blue pigment to continue fighting brassy tones while also nourishing hair and detangling. 


Matrix Total Results Brass Off Color Depositing Shampoo

The Metrix Total Results Brass Off Blue Shampoo is a hugely popular blue shampoo that deposits strong color without leaving hair dry or frizzy. It’s best for those with medium brown to dark blonde hair. For those with darker brown hair looking to get rid of red tones, their Dark Envy Green Toning Shampoo is a good alternative.


Redken Color Extend Brownlights Blue Toning Sulfate-Free Shampoo

The Redken Color Extend Blue Toning Shampoo is great for depositing toning color on brown hair and hair that has been highlighted or balayaged. They advise that you use gloves for this one to avoid any staining. This is a gentle formula that won’t strip your hair color but does a great job of taking red tones out of brown hair.


Virtue ColorKick Debrassing Blue-Purple Shampoo

Virtue skipped coming out with a shampoo for each hair color and instead created one that fits everyone: brunettes, blondes, redheads, and the silver-haired alike. This shampoo combines violet and lavender pigments to neutralize brassy tones in all hair colors whether your hair is color-treated, highlighted, or natural. It also includes their Alpha Keratin protein which transforms damaged hair. 


How to Use Blue Shampoo Conclusion

Blue shampoo is a revolutionary product which can transform your hair in just one use. It can be hard to recognize how much brassy tones can change your hair color, but luckily it’s easy to undo. If your brown or dark blonde hair is looking orange, start with a blue shampoo once a week to see how you hair takes it and increase use or use on dry hair to get more intense color payoff. 

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