How To Make Hair Silky and Shiny In One Day (Celebrity Shine Secrets!)

How To Make Hair Silky and Shiny In One Day (Celebrity Shine Secrets!)

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Shiny hair that is touchable soft is one of the hallmarks of healthy hair. It can make any hairstyle instantly have more pop and works as well in photos as in real life. But if you’re struggling with dullness or just want to amp up the glamour factor for a big event, getting megawatt shine in under a day is very doable.


Taking care of your hair long term is a surefire way to have hair that looks healthy year-round. By making sure your hair is getting enough moisture, washing regularly, eating a healthy diet, and protecting from heat and damage, your hair will have that natural shine that gives it a beautiful, healthy look. These are some ways to get healthy, shiny, silky hair when you want to get the look even faster.


How To Make Hair Shiny and Shiny In One Day

apple cider vinegar rinse for shiny hair

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Apple cider vinegar rinses have a lot of benefits for hair, including clarifying your scalp of excess oil and buildup, but it can also increase your hair’s shine. The acid in the vinegar moths the hair cuticles down which makes them lie flat and appear shinier. Its ability to remove buildup from hair can also give it a boost of shine if too much buildup is making your hair appear dull. Make sure to dilute the apple cider vinegar in water to avoid irritating your scalp. I’ve written about how to do an apple cider vinegar the right way here.


shiniest hair mask

2. Hair Masks

Hair masks are especially good for thick, dry, or damaged hair, because they restore moisture and add shine. Deep conditioning hair masks make hair soft and supple and take away dullness, revealing natural shine. They combat dryness and frizz which both can lead hair to have a dull and rough appearance. ColorWow’s Money Mask is one of my favorite hair masks for deep conditioning that leaves my hair super shiny.


hair primer for shiny hair

3. Use a Frizz-Fighting Heat Protectant

If you’re using heat styling tools, make sure to use a heat protectant, and a bonus if it has frizz-fighting capabilities which can help enhance shine. Heat styling can leave hair dry and frizzy, especially if used frequently. Using a heat protectant can minimize the effect hot tools will have on the hair.


Frizz-fighting heat protectants that are geared towards making your hair sleek and shiny will do the extra work of keeping hair shiny as well as soft. ColorWow Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray is one of my favorites and a bestseller for its ability to give hair glossy shine when used on wet hair right before heat styling.


hair gloss for shiny silky hair

4. Hair Gloss

Hair glosses are a popular salon treatment but they are also easy to do at home. These are treatments that aim to make hair shiny and add vibrance to hair color, although clear hair glosses can add a mega boost of shine without altering your hair color. Hair glosses are super easy to use and can last from a week to a couple of weeks. They work by smoothing the cuticle down and an are a great product to add into your routine for glossy hair at home. Amika’s Flash Instant Shine Mask works in under a minute and gives hair wild shine.


hair oil for shiny hair

5. Serum or Oil

Hair serums and oils add shine to hair and can often be applied to hair when it’s wet or dry, making it very versatile. Adding some hair oil to a finished hair style can bring some life back to rough ends that are looking dry or tamp down frizz. Too much oil can weigh your hair down, so make sure you are using a hair oil that works for your hair type and start by using small amounts so you don’t end up with a greasy mane. Verb Ghost Oil is one of my favorite lightweight oils that still packs a punch of moisture and smooths down hair and gives it shine.


shine spray for hair

6. Shine Mist

Shine mists or shine sprays are a great last step for hair that needs some extra oomph. These can be on the heavier side and may weigh down fine or medium hair types, but the right amount can give hair shine and softness in seconds. Shine mists are a popular choice for celebrity hairstylists to make hair pop in photos and make hair look touchable and healthy.  The SexyHair Anti-Frizz and Shine Spray has become one of my favorites after seeing it is a go-to for many celebrity hairstylists.


How To Make Hair Silky and Shiny In One Day Conclusion

Silky, shiny hair is the dream, really, and it’s pretty achievable with the right steps. Making sure your hair has enough moisture is key, and this will help tamp down frizz as well to prevent any unsightly flyaways. Smoothing down hair with a gloss and locking it in with an oil, serum, or shine mist is the perfect setup for a fancy event or for when you want your hair to look its best. Glossy, shiny hair is the ultimate confidence booster.

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