How to Make Hair Look Wet All Day

How to Make Hair Look Wet All Day

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When I was younger, figuring out how to make my hair look wet all day was one of the first hairstyles I tried on my own. The wet hair look seemed to me then the height of casual cool. It’s a look that’s both intentional and sport, grunge and glam, and it works for any occasion.


Figuring out how to get the look can be a little challenging though. Back then I bought some gel, applied way to much to my hair and ended up with hair that looked wet…and felt crunchy with clumps of hair that stuck together. After a little trial and error I was able to get the look and it’s a go-to look that’s easy to achieve and works even when you’re not having a good hair day.


This guide will give you all the details on how to achieve the look for any hair type and what products you need to create this cool hairstyle. 


Why Making Hair Look Wet All Day is a Great All-Purpose Look

The wet look is an underrated hairstyle if there ever was one. How many hairstyles work for every occasion, are simple to achieve, work for every hair type and length, AND hide greasy roots? The wet hair look is a multi-tasker that can become one of your go-to hairstyles.


The wet look has also become popular in recent years with Kim Kardashian’s met look in 2019 sparking this recurring trend. Bella Hadid, Ciara, and Hailey Bieber have all worn this look, proving it’s the ultimate cool girl hairstyle. If you’re looking for something that’s casual but cool, making your hair look wet all day is a sure way to make your hair sporty chic.


How to Make Hair Look Wet All Day for Straight Hair


wet hair look oil

1. Start with damp or dry hair

For this look, you actually don’t want to start with wet hair. Gel won’t stick to wet hair as well so make sure your hair towel-dried or completely dry before starting.

2. Decide if you want a slicked-back or loose look

A slicked-back look is sleek and dramatic while loose wet hair is casual and sporty. 

3. Run some gel through your roots

Start with some hair gel. Use only a little to begin so you don’t end up with crunchy roots. Run it through your roots with your fingers. If you’re going to slick back your hair you can use a little more to get extra hold, while a looser look only needs to look wet before you comb it out.

4. Comb it through

Use a wide-tooth comb to loosen hair at the root. If you want a slicked-back style, comb your roots back with a boar bristle or mixed-bristle brush.

5. Getting some glossy shine going through your mid-lengths and ends

Use a high-gloss serum or shine spray on your mid-lengths and ends. You can also mix together some gel with a glossing serum and run that from the crown of your head to your ends.

6. A light hold hairspray seals it in

Once you’ve used enough gel and serum so your hair looks wet, finish it off with a light hold hairspray so your hairstyle lasts all day.


How to Make Hair Look Wet All Day for Curly Hair

how to make curly hair look wet all day

1. Start with hair that is still damp

For curly hair, your want to start with hair that is still damp. 

2. Spritz some leave-in conditioner from root to tip

Douse your hair in leave-in conditioner. You want your curls to be wet and glossy instead of crunchy so packing in some extra moisture to start will help.

3. Use some curl cream

Get your curls some smooth definition with curl cream before you add your “wet’ styling products.

4. Use gel or mix gel and a glossing serum into your roots

You can use gel alone or mix gel and a glossing serum or shine spray for your roots. Adding a serum to your roots will give you a little less hold (better for looser styles) and it will add some oil to your roots (better for thicker hair types.)

5. Use a gel and glossing serum mixture through your hair in sections

In sections, mix gloss serum or shine spray with the gel and move the mixture through your hair with your fingers. Build up the mixture on your hair until you have the amount of “wetness” you’re looking for.

6. Comb through and scrunch 

Comb through your “wet’ curls with a wide-toothed comb. If you want more defined curls, scrunch at this point. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

7. Use hair clips to lengthen tight curls

To lengthen tight curls or coils, you can attach hair clips to the ends of your hair to weight them down. 


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Best Products for Wet Hair Look 

IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel

This is a great for wet shine, lightweight hold, and hydration. It’s especially good for locking in moisture for thick and curly hair types.


Bumble and Bumble Sumogel

This is an alcohol-free, flake-free formula with incredible hold. This works great for all hair types.


Paul Mitchell Super Clean Sculpting Gel

This gel is high-shine and meant to be applied to damp hair. It’s a great way to get wet-looking hair at an affordable price.


Oribe Gel Serum

This gel-serum hybrid is used by multiple celebrity hair stylists to make hair look wet all day. It makes hair shiny with the stiffness. Use alone or mix with a gel for extra hold and crazy wet shine.


Moroccanoil Treatment

This very hydrating hair oil really boosts shine and softness. There’s also a light version for those with fine hair. 


L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Deep Nourishing Treatment

This is one of the most moisturizing hair oils at the drugstore and it creates quick high-shine perfect to mix with gel for silky, wet-looking hair.


How to Make Wet Hair Look Wet All Day Conclusion 

Mastering the wet look is easy and worth the work considering how versatile this look is. Create a wet-looking bun, braid, or leave it loose. This is a look that can go anywhere. 

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