Best Target Shampoos for Oily Hair Reviewed (Native vs. Monday vs. Odele)

Best Target Shampoos for Oily Hair Reviewed (Native vs. Monday vs. Odele)

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Drugstore shampoos have gotten an upgrade so if you’re looking for the best Target shampoo for oily hair, there are a lot of options to choose. The aisles at Target have been popping with amazing new beauty brands from makeup to fragrance to skincare to hair—there’s almost too many to choose from! I love that Target is giving us new and interesting brands at an affordable price (even if drugstore prices seem to always be creeping up and up).


Native, Monday, and Odele were three brands I had heard a lot about so I decided to try their shampoos for oily and/or fine hair. Native has been pretty popular for a while because of their natural deodorants, but the other two were new to me as emerging haircare-first brands. Odele is a clean brand that makes haircare for all genders and ages, while Monday is a cruelty-free brand with pink bottles that have been everywhere on social media. After weeks trying them all, I have some opinions including a new favorite shampoo at Target! 


How I Reviewed the Best Shampoos at Target for Oily Hair

My hair is fine to medium, wavy, and prone to oiliness. I tried the following shampoos:


Monday Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

Native Cucumber and Mint Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Odele Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner


I tried each of these for 3 weeks before moving on tot he next to make sure I was able to text how well my hair and felt over time as well how long I could go between washes after using each shampoo. One of the main things I look for in a shampoo, especially a volumizing one for oily hair, is how well it cleanses my hair and scalp so I don’t have to wash my hair too frequently. 


Smell and packaging are also important to me. I mean, the shower experience is important, isn’t? I love a good-smelling shampoo that lingers and packaging that makes me feel inspired in the shower and that is also functional. 


Comparison of Native, Monday, and Odele 

What makes them different

First, a few differences among these brands.

target shampoo for oily hair


Native is a clean brand that focuses on natural ingredients and ingredient transparency. They’re known for their great scents. They’ve recently expanded from deodorant into body wash and haircare.


monday shampoo review

Monday Haircare was born in New Zealand and aims to provide salon-quality performance at an affordable price. They currently have 4 different shampoo and conditioner sets to smooth hair, add moisture, and volumize, and they also have a set specifically for delicate hair and scalps.


best target shampoo and conditioner for oily hair

Odele Beauty makes haircare products for everyone—men, women, and kids, and people with all different hair types and concerns. Their haircare range spans from shampoo and conditioner to dry shampoo and sea salt spray and beyond. They are also a clean brand and have no synthetic fragrance.



When it comes to packaging, a cute design is important, but functionality even more so. Odele’s packaging is a classic flip top lid which was easy to use and I love their minimalist aesthetic. Their gender-neutral pastels definitely make this brand a great choice for men and women alike.


Monday’s bottles are a super cute peachy-pink that I saw over and over on social media before buying. This feminine chic look is super cute, but they weren’t as functional as I would have liked. The pump dispensed very little product at once so I had to pump several times to get the right amount of product. They do have “S” and “C” on to pdf the pumps to make it easy to tell which one is the shampoo and which is the conditioner at a glance.


best target shampoo


The packaging on the back of Native’s shampoo and conditioner bottles lists out their ingredients with descriptions. I love the transparency they have. They also have a really convenient pump that dispenses a lot.


Winner: Native!



I love a good scent and don’t mind something strong, but I would characterize all of these three as having very subtle scents. Native and Odele both have gender-neutral fresh scents that don’t tend to linger. Monday has a lovely gardenia scent which is their signature for all of their shampoos and conditioners. It’s still subtle but it’s a nice floral that still adds a pleasing scent while I’m in the shower.

Winner: Monday!



Arguably the most important category, how the shampoo performs was what I was paying attention to most. I’ll start by saying these are all good shampoos with none of them leaving me with a huge amount of buildup.


hair quiz


The Monday shampoo left me feeling the least clean and 36 hours after I washed my hair I was starting to feel my hair getting greasy. Odele worked up into a quick lather and did a pretty good job and letting my hair last for 48 hours (which is pretty typical of me.) 


The Native shampoo was similar to the Native but I did feel after 48 hours that my hair wasn’t as greasy as it was with the Odele.

Winner: Native!



Telling a good shampoo from a not-so-good one can take a few day or even weeks, but not so with conditioner! With conditioner it’s pretty obvious from the moment I put it on my hair (if not when it’s in my hand) whether it will detangle my hair properly and leave it smooth and shiny.


The Native conditioner worked pretty well, comparably to other drugstore conditioners I’ve liked. The Monday did require a little more conditioner than usual to get my hair untangled. 


Odele’s conditioner was the worst since I had to use what seemed like a ton of conditioner on my hair to get it untangled and I still felt my hair wasn’t as smooth coming out of the shower as it could be.


Winner: Native!


Best Target Shampoos for Oily Hair Conclusion

So the winner is, you guessed it…Native! Native’s Cucumber and Mint Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner is a super solid set for anyone with oily or fine hair who is looking for a deep cleanse while keeping hair soft and smooth.


The shampoo kept my scalp and hair clean while the conditioner was the best of the three, easily detangling and smoothening my hair. Their subtle scent was fresh but not piercingly so. I think a lot of people would be happy with this shampoo and conditioner set, and it’s the best I’ve tried at Target!

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