8 Best Scalp Oils for Fine Hair (For Every Scalp Concern)

8 Best Scalp Oils for Fine Hair (For Every Scalp Concern)

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Scalp oiling has become big, and with all the talk about popular scalp oils for concerns like irritation and hair growth, I haven’t been the only one to wonder which scalp oils are best for fine hair. Many scalp oils are, well, oily and can weigh down hair and cause even more buildup on scalps already prone to excessive oil production.


The good news is there are actually a lot of products on the market that are made to work with all hair types, including those of us with fine hair. Below are some of the best scalp oils for fine hair that work to address every concern.


Is Scalp Oiling Good for Fine Hair?

Scalp oiling can be beneficial to those with fine hair. It’s important to choose a scalp oil that is lightweight and solves your scalp concern. Scalp oils that are water-based are often lighter and don’t weigh hair down, and some scalp oils can even address issues like excessive oil production.


The Benefits of Scalps Oils for Fine Hair

Hair oiling is a practice with long roots in many different cultures and it offers benefits like:

Whatever your reason for oiling your scalp, its important to choose a scalp oil that addresses your concern.


Can I oil my hair if I have an oily scalp?

If you have oily hair, there are scalp serums that can help balance the scalp’s oil production, but it’s important to choose one that will not simply add to the oiliness, creating more buildup instead of improving your scalp’s condition.

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8 Best Scalp Oils for Fine Hair

Best Scalp Oils for Itchy Scalp

Nutrafol Scalp Essence

If you have an itchy or irritated scalp, this lightweight scalp essence from Nutrafol will soothe your discomfort. It is water-based and made from natural ingredients (and with natural fragrance) and works to balance the pH levels of the scalp to calm dryness, itchiness, and irritation. You can use it daily for serious and proven scalp relief.


Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal Tea Tree Scalp Treatment

briogeo scalp serum

This scalp serum from Briogeo uses common itchy and flaky-fighting ingredients charcoal and tea tree oil to detoxify and purify the scalp. Witch hazel balances the oil production so your scalp can become more hydration. This is a great serum for balancing the scalp’s oil production while also using aloe to soothe irritation,


Best Scalp Oils for Hair Growth

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density

the ordinary density scalp serum

I’ve used this serum from the Ordinary myself to solve some hair thinning and I had amazing results. It is a water-based, leave-in formula that helps hair regrow with ingredients like Procapil and Redensyl as well as caffeine. It’s a very lightweight formula that didn’t leave my oily-prone hair any greasier while giving me quick hair growth.


Ouai Scalp Serum

ouai scalp serum

The Ouai Scalp Serum is a great serum for both soothing scalp discomfort from irritation and supporting fuller, thicker hair growth. It hydrates the scalp to allow it to regrow hair thicker and denser with the use of peptides. You can use it on your scalp daily without weighing down your hair.


Best Scalp Oils for Oil Balancing

Act + Acre Cold Processed Scalp Detox

This is a great all-around scalp serum that balances the oil production in the scalp while also tackling irritation, flakiness, and helping stimulate hair growth. Whatever your scalp issue is, your scalp will be refreshed with this serum. This serum is to be used weekly and should sit on your scalp for at least 20 minutes before you rinse it out.


Vegamour GRO Scalp Detoxifying Serum

Vegamour’s products are amazing for scalp health and hair growth, so their scalp serums are where they really shine. Their Growth Scalp Detoxifying Serum absorbs excess oils without stripping the scalp of necessary natural oils to keep your scalp from irritation. Think of this one like a clarifying shampoo for an occasional detox, but just for your scalp. You only need to use this serum weekly and it in addition to too much oil it can also help with dandruff.


Best Scalp Oils for Increased Shine

Ceremonia Aceite de Moska Pre-Shampoo Scalp & Hair Oil

ceremonia scalp serum

Ceremonia’s hero product scalp oil is not too lightweight, but not too heavy either. It’s perfect to deliver your scalp a good dose of hydration that can soothe an irritated and itchy scalp while fighting excellent oil and product buildup. The result is hair with increased shine, smoothed down frizz, and nourished, healthy hair.


JVN Complete Pre-Wash Scalp & Hair Strengthening Treatment Oil

jvn scalp serum

This pre-wash scalp oil is very lightweight and practically made for those with fine hair.  It’s a multi-purpose scalp oil, both clarifying and soothing so it works whether you have irritation or excessive oil buildup. It also strengthens hair for less hair fall, making this a fully well-rounded product. You only need to apply a few drops 15 minutes before you shower for shinier, longer, healthier hair.


Best Scalp Oils for Fine Hair

Fine hair can benefit from hair oiling too, and as long as you have a good idea of what issue you want to tackle, you can find a scalp oil that is lightweight enough not to weigh your hair down. If you’re worried about creating extra buildup with a scalp oil, use less frequently than suggested before diving in.

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